Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Im alive...I am sure you were so worried...

Can you believe it?  A post!  Oh my.  When I logged into my reader the other day I saw that it had been over a month since I posted.  I dont 'write' for others, so Ive always just posted as I go.  With the last month and everything that has came with it, I just wasnt up to write.  Summer has brought so much fun, busy days and weekends.  We love it, but things just get shifted a bit...hence the lack of blogging :)  I'm sure you were so worried....

Anyways, I will attempt a sort of catch up posts maybe.  To start off, we had a wedding for one of my most favorite girls a couple weekends ago and it was SO much fun!  Read: mama had toooo much fun ;)

Ive know Kelsey forever.  At least since she was in Kindergarten, if not before.  She is such a sweet, caring, and just lovely person.  She was my personal attendant in my wedding and I got to return the favor for her's!  I had such a wonderful time and am so happy for her and her hubby!  If you follow me on twitter or instagram...I apologize these will pretty much be the same pictures :)
the beautiful bride and myself at the rehearsal dinner
 Fun fact: The rehearsal dinner was at the hotel we had our wedding reception 4.5 years ago!  It was fun to be there again!!  Old mems. 
Kelsey had so many creative, thoughtful, and memorable touches throughout her wedding!  She had this made for her mom, and had one for her dad as well.  SO sweet. 
The gorgeous flowers were sent to her by her hubby to be, and he had the vase inscribed with a personal note.  We were all crying!
In her dress!  Just beautiful!
The beautiful couple 
one of my most favorite families!! 
 watching the beautiful bride...
 Daddy and Kal at the reception

 Kallen did really well through dinner until nana picked her up!
Kal and Great Grandpa 
Kels with my exhausted daughter ;)
 My fabulous hubby and I.  He was basically on Kal duty all day and then took care of me the rest of the night.  His eyes look creepy because of the lights, but its the best one we have!  Thanks, babe!
 Me and my sissy
My sister, cousin {like a sister} Jess, and myself
 Kels and I.  I love her so much and so happy for her!  So wonderful to be with her on her special day!