Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wordless wednesday

 almost 9 months going on 16????????  This was a scary sight! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


We had a wonderful weekend!  I didnt take my camera out of the diaper bag to document...I need to get better at that!

On Friday we went down to the Gaalswyk's house for a fun night!!  Melissa made us a delicious dinner, Kal played with their adorable boys and we laughed so hard our cheeks still hurt yesterday!  I cant believe I didnt get any pictures.  Melissa also recently took Kallen's pictures and posted a few on her photography blog so I got those on Friday and was just tickled!!!  They turned out so good!  I cant wait to get them up!!  She is one talented momma! 

Saturday night we ended up at Uncle Jayson & Auntie Beth's!!  They are finishing their basement and have been busy with that and it is turning out just gorgeous! 

The little sass (she has deemed that nickname ALL on her own, trust me!) was up quite a bit last night so we missed church this morning and have been trying to recoup from a sleepless night.  Kal is finally getting her first tooth and boy oh boy has it taken its toll on our sweet girl.  I'm not going to lie, I am pretty curious if all of her teeth are going to cause this much drama.  Ha!  I am worried she might have her momma's pain tolerance.....or lack there of I should say...

Well I'll leave you with a few pictures of our girl.....who is almost 9 months old!  How does this happen??? 

Trying to talk to daddy while he was grilling
She absolutely loves looking out the window.  It is a struggle changing that girl!
 At great grandpa & grandma's house for ggpa's birthday....Kal was successful in grabbing his cake!  I am not worried about her being shy for her first birthday :)
On a run enjoying the beautiful weather...we love our BOB!   
 At Mall of America to meet some friends, Kal loved checking everything out!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...almost.



Kal has been LOVING the swing lately!  Good thing there is one at grandma's and at the park down the street!  Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

auntie nikki

On Monday, my baby sister went to college!!!  I cannot believe it.  She is 6 years younger than me and just cannot believe she is old enough to be off at college!  She is at the same college as my brother is, which is about 3 hours away.  I am glad they didn't move out of state, but it isn't the quick 15 minute drive that it was!!  
We had Kal represent Winona onesie at church on Sunday for her auntie (and uncle) on Sunday!
First time Nik held Kal!
Kali will miss her auntie!  Good thing we will see her soon!

We are so proud of you, you are very smart & will have tons of fun!  

We love & miss you auntie Nikki!  Go be a 'dangerous student'!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

south dakota

We had so much fun in South Dakota!  We went for my cousin Amanda's wedding the last weekend in July and I am so glad we went.  We were debating because of the long drive (4.5-5 hours without stopping) but we did it and it was well worth it!  We have a cabin there as well, but just dont get there enough because of the long drive - it is hard to justify that long of a trip for only having one 'full' day there!  
On our way, miss K sleeping in her big girl car seat.  We only stopped once for Kal's bottle, she did awesome! 
First time on the boat!  She was NOT a fan of the life jacket.  But did love the boat :)
She was a little shocked with the immediate cold water in the lake so wasnt the biggest fan....
Uncle Ricky!
Amanda & Tyler had so many cute little details, it was just a perfect beach wedding!!!
Kallen fell asleep right after the ceremony (of course ;) and slept for a little bit at the reception
She loved pulling herself up on the stroller
Shelly & Dana's speech, they did just awesome.  It was a 'amanda & tyler' rendition of Letterman's top 10, everyone was laughing!
Bride & Groom thanking everyone
Auntie Jen
Kallen with the beautiful bride!  She was getting hungry at this point so we couldnt muster many smiles....
Daddy & Kal
Auntie Nik & Kallen
Shelly & the little sass.  Shelly is Amanda's sister/moh, our cousin is just gorgeous.  She is marrying Dana next summer, and we are definitely going back for hers as well!
Fell asleep on the boat....
On our way home.  Kal did so well and I was so thankful!!!  We definitely wore her out but had so much fun!  Another cabin trip is in order!

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 months

Kallen Jayne, you are 8 months old!  Each & every monthly post I write I am just in awe of how fast you grow!!!
You are in size 4 diapers

You wear mostly 6-12 month size clothing
 You are sadly done with nursing.  You started protesting when you were 7 months, but would still nurse for your first feeding, but that has stopped.  I am not producing enough for you so we have been supplementing formula, I miss nursing you, it makes me soooo sad!
I think you are around 20 lbs...I think I said that around your last post...but I have no clue!  Maybe 21 or 22??
You are a sporadic napper.   It depends on the day, sometimes you take 2 awesome naps (morning/afternoon) and other days you will have one or the other and well...sometimes you hardly nap at all.  As long as you are happy then I dont mind :) 
You still love Kobe!  He is apprehensive to you and I think he is in for a big wake up call when you can run after him!
You are pulling yourself up everywhere!  Especially in your crib, you think it is the best thing!

You can sit from your tummy easily. 

You scoot everywhere, you are so close to crawling!  You can crawl backwards, though. *Update as of 8/8/11, Kal is crawling!! 
You talk all the time!

Blowing raspberries is your thing.  If you are not chatting it up, you are blowing raspberries.
You love your bath!  You just love splashing and getting momma wet! 

You enjoy being rocked to sleep hasnt always been this way for you, so I am enjoying the time you allow me to do that!  It is rare!

You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up between 6-630.  Sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later (my favorite days).
You still love music.  I feel like I sing to you all day long.  Our favorites are Jesus Loves Me, You are my Sunshine, Jesus loves the little children, Baby Beluga, and so many more.....

Dancing is just as fun :)  You light up & giggle if you are dancing with daddy or I.  Love it!

You dont have any teeth yet!  I think at 4 months I was convinced you were getting a tooth.  Yes, ill have a slice of that humble pie please....thanks :)  I love that gummy smile though!!

You are such a good eater!  For breakfast you usually have fruit/oatmeal and for dinner you have veggie/oatmeal and a fruit.
We are just smitten with you baby girl and we enjoy each and every minute with you!!!  We love you sooo much!!!!!