Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wordless wednesday......

My new favorite outfit of Kal's!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Winona visit

Last weekend, we went down to Winona to watch Uncle Chris play football!  He got a concussion their first game and it was his first game back.  We were so pumped to see him play!  Auntie Nikki goes to Winona now as well, so we were able to see her room and hangout before too!  We miss them both so much!

 Auntie Jen with Kal while tailgating
Kallen did so well.  I was so pleased on how she did...hopefully she keeps it up for this weeks game as well!
Uncle Chris!  #4.  
Dave & Tonya came with us, and Kal slept through most of the first half (game started at 6) and auntie Ton was awesome and such a help snuggling the babe. 
Kali woke up...just in time to clap for Uncle Chris' interception!!!!  Yeah!  So fun
Oh so sweet.  Love it!  
 I dont think Kallen was too keen on the 'after football game' smell that surrounded her...get used to it sister! 
Kal & I, uncle Chris, daddy and auntie Nikki!  We had so much fun, (daddy looks like he had a little too much fun but I think he was unprepared for the pic?)... and we cant wait for Saturday! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nine month stats

I didn't want to forget to post Kal's 9 month stats from the doctor....these pictures were all pre-shots/finger pricks.  She was not too happy after that!

Kallen, you are such a big girl!  You have thinned out alot though since you started moving around...I love the rolls though, they just melt me!  

you weigh 20.2lbs - 75th percentile
you are 28 1/2 inches - 75th percentile
your head circumference is 18 inches - 90th percentile

 we LOVE having a beautiful healthy baby girl and dont forget that for ONE millisecond! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iowa weekend

We went to Iowa last weekend to visit some of our very best friends, the Evans family!!  We had a blast as always and cannot wait to visit again soon so we can meet the newest member, a BOY!  Ah we cannot wait for baby Bowen, I know he is going to be so adorable and definitely a heartbreaker!

Here are a few pictures of our fun trip! 

Playing at the park by their house!
Kallen loved watching Hallie & Harper run around and play with her.  I think she was a little bummed to come home to way less action!
Daddy's and their girls
 Trying to get their picture made.....I dont think the little ones were having it

 Kal giving Hallie kisses
We love you all SO much, cant wait to come and meet that sweet little boy!  Thanks for a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Joshua's cousin & his wife came from California to help finish Jayson & Bethany's beautiful, no GORGEOUS basement!  Erik is an electrician, so he was a huge help for them!

Warning....picture overload!!!!

Kallen LOVES dogs.  Caesar is a wonderful dog who doesnt mind anything, and Kali loved every minute and took advantage.   
Sidenote: I dont usually let my child 'kiss' a hairy dog.  For the record, when I went to take the picture, she was looking at me and then dived face first as soon as I took it....
My sweet little nephew.  I want to kiss those cheeks!  He is so adorable!
Hopers being silly
Boys will be boys....
Kal & Finners playing
Playing in the new basement!!
Joshua & I got this turtle for Hope's first birthday (which I feel like was just a month or so ago), and I cannot believe Kallen was playing on it!  My how time flies!
Auntie Nikki came to visit, we missed her SO much!!!
Kal & Finn had fun playing times this weekend!!
The 4 kiddo's - Hannah, Kallen, Finn & Hope
It is a little difficult getting a good picture...
especially when Kal was hitting/grabbing Hannah and Finn...
notice this next picture sweet Hannah is on the opposite side of the child is such a stinker. 
Great Grandma & Grandpa with their great grandkids
I think they are done...!
We had to see how the bow looked with hair....Finn might hate his momma and auntie for this :)
We had a wonderful weekend!!  I wish all weekends were 3 days!!