Friday, April 20, 2012

work it, giiiirrrrrrl

When I workout out home (Jillian Michaels dvd's, etc) I wear random stuff that I wouldnt be caught dead in out in public.  Why waste the good stuff, right?
One of those things that is part of my attire would be a bright orange (or green or pink) seventies-ish stretch headband.
And someone has taken a liking to said headband.  Like if she spots that headband cue the freakout and head tilt (that I proudly love because that's how we put our bows on :)
So, girlfriend rocks the seventies bright orange headband often.  Practically everyday at home.  She will take off just to admire it and then run over as fast as she can to have it put back on.  
 And yes, alot of our pictures are when the toddler is in the highchair because that is the only place I can keep that girl contained!  

Husband says I have created a monster.  I love it and gives me a good chuckle every day ;)  Ha ha!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wordless wednesday

Girlfriend loves being outside.  So much that the little miss throws a fit to come inside, and bangs on the patio door to go out  Hoping for nice weather here today!!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Meals

A lot of our weekly meals have been replaced by spur of the moment grilling.  I should just put that on our daily menu.  But tonight our grill wasn't used, as we had snow this morning and it was freezing out!  Such a bummer, it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, it was just a tease.  Hoping it will be back soon!  Here are the meals over here this week. 

Monday: Spaghetti & Meatballs.  I dont make often, because I can never get the meatballs right.  I am a freak with worrying about the inside not getting done, so it basically ends up being spaghetti with meat crumbles.  I'm such a great chef, right?  
Tuesday: Dinner with the fam - not sure what we are having :)
Wednesday: Garlic & Lemon Chicken with Green Beans & Red potatoes.  Yes, my mouth is watering, too

Thursday: Chicken sandwiches -  am so excited to make these!  I havent made in a long time because it is more of a 'spring/summer' dish, so I am so pumped! I dont have the recipe on here - but it includes grapes, shredded chicken, celery & lemon.  Easy & delicious!
Friday: Dinner with BIL & SIL
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Havent decided on Sunday yet....but I am thinking leftovers :)

AND - it has been monumental for us over here...Kal's hair is getting long enough for actual bows and this day had to be documented!  
Clearly, not big enough for my taste, but it's a start and I love it!!! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter recap (picture dump)

Well I am a day late because I couldn't find my camera cord until yesterday evening, and then a certain little toddler decided not to sleep last night - so here is our Easter re-cap!
On Saturday the husband and I went to church, because we served in the nursery on Sunday.  I love, love, love our Church!  I was so glad we could go on Saturday.  
After church, we headed to my dad's to celebrate with them
Playing in the 'house' in the nursery.
quick nap after church
Mimi got Kal a turtle sandbox.  She loved and wanted to 'in' (get in) as soon as she saw it!
First egg hunt at the Gordon's!  
Auntie Nikki, myself & Kal
  Kallen & Great Grandpa.  We missed Great Grandma 
so, so much but we know she was enjoying such an amazing day in heaven with our Risen Lord....and miss Emma I'm sure :)
 Kal opening her Easter basket from Great Grandpa.  So sweet of him!
Off to the next egg hunt at Aunt Tammi's & Uncle Dave's!  Emilie put in some hard work - it was so fun - the kids & adults were involved :)
 Kal & Finn needed a break from all the egg hunting :)
Kallen noticed the open field in the back of their house that leads to the park.  ....And she was off!  Her big cousin was quick to follow and keep an eye on her ;)
The aftermath of the no naps all day (besides the 20 mins after church).  We let her sleep for 30 minutes.  And then she was up until 9:30pm.  I wish I was kidding.  
This is her basket from us, that we finally dug into after the nap.  Of course the bubbles were pulled out first, girlfriend is obsessed!!
A girl after my own heart - wanted her new bow in!!!  My job is done, friends.  Well, she might need to grow a little more hair...but we are getting there!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!  We truly are so blessed, and SO thankful for Jesus who not only died for us, but raised again!! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why dont you walk? March for Babies 2012

Well it is officially less than a month away from our March for Babies  walk!  Each and every year I look forward to this event.  It is such a wonderful cause and obviously, so close to our hearts.  I cannot believe this will be our 4th year walking.  I cannot believe that our sweet, sweet girl would be 4 this year.  Time really flies, yet I am often brought back to that time, or more so thinking of the 'how life would be so different if Emma was here' thoughts.     
I cannot say enough wonderful things about March of Dimes.  Because of them and the many donations from each and every person, our daughter who was born entirely too soon, was given a chance.  And because of their research, I also brought our spunky, beautiful baby girl all the way to 39 weeks, and I am so unbelievably grateful.  More than words can say.
So why don't you sign up?  Walk in your hometown, support all of those sweet, sweet babies.  If you feel led, we would LOVE and so greatly appreciate your support.  Whether that comes by a monetary gift (click on the badge to the right side of this post), walking with us (sign up Here) or praying for our day and most importantly for all the babies that have been born too soon.   Nothing is 'too little or not enough', I can promise you that.  Each and every type of support is immensely appreciated.  Coming from a mama who misses her first baby girl every single day.  It makes my heart so happy and grateful for each and every one of you.

There are not many words I can say that would truly express the hurt of losing a child.  It will be with you until you see them perfect in heaven.  So until then, I will be praying, giving, and walking for every single baby born too soon, for the mama hearts that ache for their child(ren) and all of the families that are also deeply affected.

Go Walk!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

for us

I know I'm a little behind on here but I am going to attempt to catch up a little bit!  Two weekends ago we celebrated Auntie Beth's Birthday!  
We love you so much and are so thankful for you and your choice of red velvet cake ;)
It was fabulous.  It was a Sunday (apparently a 'Lent free' day, and I ran 3 miles before, so I enjoyed every last bite!)
I didnt get any other pictures, but here is one of 2 of my loves after church that morning.  I love that sweet dress, I am thinking of having her wear this weekend for one of our Easter festivities!
Being it is Holy week, I am trying to spend more time in scripture and prayer to just be thankful and really think about what Easter means.  I am looking forward to our weekend in church, I have already been emotional.  I pray that if you dont know God, that you have a stirring in your heart to find Him.  You will not regret it.  He gave his one and only Son for us.  Jesus DIED on that cross, for us.  To forgive all our sins before they were even committed.   I pray you are rejoicing in our Lord this week/weekend!  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly meals

Last week I didnt post our meals (or much of anything), but the week before I pretty much stuck to our meal plan!  Which is pretty impressive for me.  I really enjoyed spicy-dr-pepper-shredded-pork even if I didnt follow to the t, because I was worried about all that spiciness.  Regardless, still delish.  And Molly's Italian Meatballs and Sauce?  Um absolutely fabulous!  I love a good meatball/comfort food and this was so yummy.  Definitely added to our meal rotation.  Thanks, girl!  We had the Key West grilled lime chicken and I thought it was so good too!  All in all, that week/weekend was pretty yummy.
Here is our plan for this week -
Monday: Leftovers from the weekend bqq's & boiled red potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken Stir Fry w/brown rice
Wednesday: I am excited to try this Skinny Baked Cheese Chicken pasta from Pinterest!

Thursday: I'm hoping for some good leftovers :)
Friday: Leftovers still?  If not, maybe ill whip this up because it is one of the husbands favorites

Saturday: not quite sure yet....
Sunday: Easter Sunday!  We will be eating alot, I'm sure.  

Head on over to Molly's blog to link up your weekly meals.....or to swoon at her talent in the kitchen and just wish you were at her dinner table, which I may or may not do every week ;) 
Happy Monday!