Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter recap (picture dump)

Well I am a day late because I couldn't find my camera cord until yesterday evening, and then a certain little toddler decided not to sleep last night - so here is our Easter re-cap!
On Saturday the husband and I went to church, because we served in the nursery on Sunday.  I love, love, love our Church!  I was so glad we could go on Saturday.  
After church, we headed to my dad's to celebrate with them
Playing in the 'house' in the nursery.
quick nap after church
Mimi got Kal a turtle sandbox.  She loved and wanted to 'in' (get in) as soon as she saw it!
First egg hunt at the Gordon's!  
Auntie Nikki, myself & Kal
  Kallen & Great Grandpa.  We missed Great Grandma 
so, so much but we know she was enjoying such an amazing day in heaven with our Risen Lord....and miss Emma I'm sure :)
 Kal opening her Easter basket from Great Grandpa.  So sweet of him!
Off to the next egg hunt at Aunt Tammi's & Uncle Dave's!  Emilie put in some hard work - it was so fun - the kids & adults were involved :)
 Kal & Finn needed a break from all the egg hunting :)
Kallen noticed the open field in the back of their house that leads to the park.  ....And she was off!  Her big cousin was quick to follow and keep an eye on her ;)
The aftermath of the no naps all day (besides the 20 mins after church).  We let her sleep for 30 minutes.  And then she was up until 9:30pm.  I wish I was kidding.  
This is her basket from us, that we finally dug into after the nap.  Of course the bubbles were pulled out first, girlfriend is obsessed!!
A girl after my own heart - wanted her new bow in!!!  My job is done, friends.  Well, she might need to grow a little more hair...but we are getting there!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter!  We truly are so blessed, and SO thankful for Jesus who not only died for us, but raised again!! 


  1. Oh my word, I absolutely adore the dress and headband you put K in. She is just precious!!! Nothing is cuter than little girls in their Easter dresses =)

  2. wow I love you girl!! that dress is soo cute.... great pics

  3. She is so cute!! Looks & sounds like a great Easter. :)


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