Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why dont you walk? March for Babies 2012

Well it is officially less than a month away from our March for Babies  walk!  Each and every year I look forward to this event.  It is such a wonderful cause and obviously, so close to our hearts.  I cannot believe this will be our 4th year walking.  I cannot believe that our sweet, sweet girl would be 4 this year.  Time really flies, yet I am often brought back to that time, or more so thinking of the 'how life would be so different if Emma was here' thoughts.     
I cannot say enough wonderful things about March of Dimes.  Because of them and the many donations from each and every person, our daughter who was born entirely too soon, was given a chance.  And because of their research, I also brought our spunky, beautiful baby girl all the way to 39 weeks, and I am so unbelievably grateful.  More than words can say.
So why don't you sign up?  Walk in your hometown, support all of those sweet, sweet babies.  If you feel led, we would LOVE and so greatly appreciate your support.  Whether that comes by a monetary gift (click on the badge to the right side of this post), walking with us (sign up Here) or praying for our day and most importantly for all the babies that have been born too soon.   Nothing is 'too little or not enough', I can promise you that.  Each and every type of support is immensely appreciated.  Coming from a mama who misses her first baby girl every single day.  It makes my heart so happy and grateful for each and every one of you.

There are not many words I can say that would truly express the hurt of losing a child.  It will be with you until you see them perfect in heaven.  So until then, I will be praying, giving, and walking for every single baby born too soon, for the mama hearts that ache for their child(ren) and all of the families that are also deeply affected.

Go Walk!

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  1. This is our 4th year walking too! Such a great cause and a special day for us as well as we remember our son, Parker


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