Monday, January 7, 2013


We had such a wonderful and extremely jam packed month!  Here is my attempt at a catch up....Note: Kal's birthday, her party and Christmas(es) will be separate.  Crazy I know.  But it was a crazy month and I want the memories! 
I just about died at this simple Christmas dress.  Love the jumper, peter pan collar and the stated Christmas tree.  Adorable.  She was in an extra fun mood this day as well, which makes everything look cute ;)
 We had a chipotle family date!  Kal loves her 'rice & beans' and to people watch.  Definitely my girl! 
Fun cousin time!  Kal & Finn are t-r-o-u-b-l-e when they are together.  Seriously.  
 Sweet girl loves when daddy get's home from work!  (Mama too ;)
 I did an 25 Christmas book advent with Kal.  Except they werent all Christmas books - I will continue to work on that - but books aren't cheap so we will build each year!  I loved it and as much as Kallen did, I think she will enjoy it even more next year!
 One of my most favorite monogrammed Christmas dresses.  Ever.  Love love love. 
 up next - Kal's birthday!  I still cant believe I have a 2 year old!  Time sure does fly! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Years!  Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!  
Kal rocked this vest on New Years Eve and mama kind of wants one!  
I love this sassy and adorable toddler so much!    Here's to a wonderful and blessed 2013! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

5 years

I cant believe it has been 5 years since this wonderful day! 
   I love this man more than words can say and I am so thankful for him and our relationship!  we've been through so much and there is no one Id rather spend it with! 
Happy Anniversary, babe!  Looking forward to our night and the rest of our lives!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Pj's

Im a day late - but wanted to link up with Meredith's blog for the Christmas Pj's because lets be honest - I am obsessed.  Between those and Christmas outfits I just love it all!!!  And - I am getting double wear out of them because I like to buy a little big - so hoping Kal can wear some next year as well!  As she is wearing some this year that were last year's!  Bonus! 
And because we have way more Christmas pj's than Friday's in December - Ill double up :)
 These would be last year jammies - a little short and snug but hey!  They work ;)
 her infamous 'cheese' face.  Ha!  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!! Im hoping to have birthday party pictures on this week!  And maybe a video if I am gusty enough (because it showcases a HUGE mom fail)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Kallen!

My sweet, sweet, Kallen.  

Today you are 2 years old.  My heart just aches that these past 2 years have just flown by in a blink. 
Im not quite sure what happened to my teeny baby and I dont like that it has gone so quick, but you are growing up so fast and have developed quite the personality to say the least.  
Over the past 2 years we have truly learned so much about you.  You are so full of life and such a joy to be around.  You are so sweet, caring and tenderhearted.  Melts my heart to watch you playing with your babies and with your friends and cousins!  
You are also very independent and a tad stubborn and sassy.  Daddy and I think you got that from the both of us, which will be interesting come the teen years, since you already keep us on our toes.  :)
I cannot believe how much you have changed since last year!  You have truly grown into such a little girl and are a baby no more! (Which makes my mama heart SO sad!!)
Your smile and laugh just light up the room!  
     I pray that you always want to give your mama kisses.  And that you know you are loved by us beyond measure, no matter what.  You have blessed us more than I will ever be able to explain.  
Happy 2nd Birthday, baby girl! Mommy & Daddy love you to pieces and are so thankful for your beautiful life!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Just your avg Thanksgiving 2012 post...1.5 weeks later...

I think my last 4 posts mentioned how I am so behind on here.  So I wont 'say' it again, but we can all think it.  It's ok, I know it's true.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate entirely way to much.  But it was all yummy and so happy to spend it with those we love! 
 Joshua was off early on Wednesday so we went for an early dinner to P.F. Chang's.  So good.  Our favorite is the lettuce wraps! 

 we shared these meals and brought some home, no worries ;)
 Well it sure is! 
 On Thanksgiving day I was able to snuggle this precious little boy.  I mean, how sweet is he?  Simply perfect!
 Kal playing with Uncle Jayson and Hope!
 Kal is pretty spoiled on my side of the family because she is the only young great grandchild.  So clearly she was given the homemade whipping cream mixer. 

 Grandma & Grandpa N got kal a tent for her early bday gift.  She loves it, and was being such a ham that night (clearly on a sugar high!)
 We woke up to this lovely snowfall the day after Thanksgiving!  Love it!
 She wasnt too sure, but got the hang and ventured off the patio eventually!
 So much fun!! 
 More obscenely large tent playing.......
 She looks so big sleeping in her big girl bed!!!
 Started a new series at church.  So humbling and such a great reminder leading up to Christmas!
 It was pajama day at church and I think Kal loved running around not being confined with her dresses...
 playing with Great Grandpa after church! 
And sitting with Uncle Chrissy!  I dont know why we didnt get any with Auntie Nikki - need to do during Christmas break for sure!!!  

I cannot believe Kallen will be 2 this week!!!  Where has the time gone?!