Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Kallen!

My sweet, sweet, Kallen.  

Today you are 2 years old.  My heart just aches that these past 2 years have just flown by in a blink. 
Im not quite sure what happened to my teeny baby and I dont like that it has gone so quick, but you are growing up so fast and have developed quite the personality to say the least.  
Over the past 2 years we have truly learned so much about you.  You are so full of life and such a joy to be around.  You are so sweet, caring and tenderhearted.  Melts my heart to watch you playing with your babies and with your friends and cousins!  
You are also very independent and a tad stubborn and sassy.  Daddy and I think you got that from the both of us, which will be interesting come the teen years, since you already keep us on our toes.  :)
I cannot believe how much you have changed since last year!  You have truly grown into such a little girl and are a baby no more! (Which makes my mama heart SO sad!!)
Your smile and laugh just light up the room!  
     I pray that you always want to give your mama kisses.  And that you know you are loved by us beyond measure, no matter what.  You have blessed us more than I will ever be able to explain.  
Happy 2nd Birthday, baby girl! Mommy & Daddy love you to pieces and are so thankful for your beautiful life!!!!


  1. She is such a beautiful girl just like her mommy! It feels like yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy and now she is a full blown toddler! Happy Birthday Ms. Kal!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Kallen. I just love watching you grow...even if it's only in pictures. :)


  3. Happy Birthday to your precious girl! I got tears looking at the pic of you two smooching. Just so sweet!!!

  4. Two already!!! She's such a sweet girl! Y'all have a great weekend of celebrating!


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