Tuesday, November 6, 2012

four years.

happy birthday to my sweet, precious, and perfect girl.  I cannot believe that four years has gone by since Ive held you.  four years seems like so much time but it also feels like just yesterday.  You are incredibly missed and there aren't words that I can describe from the ache that my heart literally feels when I think of you and wish you were here.  I don't know what these last years would have been like if you were here on earth but I without a doubt know they would have been filled with insurmountable love and joy.  You are missed at every family get together, fun outings, new traditions, and most of all the moments throughout the day that I would have loved just being your mama and watching you and your sissy play.  She thinks 'older' kids are the best thing since sliced bread, so I know she would love having her big sister here to follow around and admire.  I sure know that I would have loved every second having two girls to love on each and every day.      
I miss so much of you.  I miss all the things I never had the chance of enjoying with you.  I am so grateful for my hope and trust in Jesus.  I would not have the promise of holding you again without my faith in Him.  I just cannot imagine not seeing that sweet face again.

Emma, I cant wait to see you perfect and healthy in heaven.  And give you kisses for every second that you were gone and more.  
 Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  Mama and daddy love you to the moon and back and miss you more than words can say.  I know you are having such a wonderful birthday with Jesus and I long for the day to celebrate with you!