Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Eats & the fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful, & fantastic weather

Minnesota is having some fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic weather right now.  Especially for March.  Read: I am not blogging.  I just havent sat down on the computer long enough to blog.  I uploaded 323 pictures this evening (they were only since Friday!) so I hope to have a few this week.  Along with Kallen's 15 month post.  Im behind.  I JUST got the March for Babies email out late last night.  Ill post the email later, but here is our team webpage if you want to learn more about this walk and if you feel led to donate, encourage or pray, we appreciate each and every one!
 on one of our many, many walks this past week!

Because of the nice weather our meals from last week got switched a bit.  We had the Chicken Noodle Soup from M-W and I cant remember what we did Thursday (honestly it was probably a salad or cereal night, poor husband) and then Friday we grilled!  I was too busy out on walks/at the park/playdates to be cooped up inside cooking!  Here is this week's plan:

Monday - Leftovers - we grilled last night too so we will be enjoying those for one more night :)
Tuesday- Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr Pepper Shredded Pork (since I didnt make on Sunday)
Wednesday - Molly's Italian Meatballs and Sauce (since I didnt make last week!)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - I am SO excited for this deliciousness

And Saturday & Sunday are still undecided.  As usual.  If it is nice, we will probably grill!  It is my favorite...and the husband usually handles all of the grill duties, so double bonus for me ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. 1. K looks SO big walking next to her daddy and puppy. Holy cow is she getting old!
    2. Tell me what you think about the shredded pork, I've been wanting to try that recipe but I'm kind of scared to!

    1. I know, can you believe it?! She is so big I cant stand it!!
      We really liked it! I didnt put more than a 1/4 of the chilies in, because I was slightly terrified! Ha! But really, it was delicious!!

  2. Seeing K walk is so stinkin cute! And only being a few weeks older than the baby i nanny, K is so advanced and more progressed. You are one fabulous mommah!
    Love weekly meals. I attempt the same thing - but when fiancé has late nights with clients, our plans fail too. You are not alone :)
    LOVE march for babies. i did it in college - I'm off to your team page!

    1. How fabulous are you?! That was so thoughtful of you to donate for us, we greatly appreciate it!!!! You are such a gem
      Thanks lady, I appreciate it! It is crazy how different kids can be, that's for sure! She keeps me on my toes ;)

  3. Those skewers look so yummy!!

    Thanks for linking up on my blog today :)

    1. I cannot wait to make them tomorrow night! They look delicious!!!!

      Of course! Thanks for hosting ;)

  4. It is so awesome that you guys do the March for Babies also! What a great way to remember Emma and raise money for a great organization. This will be our 4th year walking.

    1. Same here!!! I cant believe its been 4 years! I love MOD. I love that our family & friends support us and MOD too, it means so much!
      When is your walk? Can you believe it has rained every year for us? Im hoping this year will be different ;)

  5. I really need to start making a weekly food menu!!! You're amazing mama!! I'm hoping we can do our march for babies locally (we have a christening the day before) but we don't every year! Xo


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