Monday, March 12, 2012

weekly meals

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and especially prayers throughout the last 2 weeks as we said goodbye to my grandma.  It was an exhausting week.  I took a little blogging (& internet, for the most part) break so I could spend time with the family and then once everything settled I needed to put my house myself back together.  Dress clothes cleaned, ironed and put away, photo's of grandma  & Kal put back in the baby book, millions of sippy's cleaned and put away, all the fun things like that just needed to be done.  Needless to say, I am so behind here and dont know if it is even possible to 'catch up' with the internet...So this week ill start fresh!

Last week,it was kind of a free for all with dinner.  We had frozen pizza, random leftovers, and more frozen pizza.  This week is different!

Monday:  Chicken Noodle Soup a la From Mrs. to Mama
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: Cajun Chicken Pasta a la The Culinary Couple (originated from PW)
Thursday: Salad/leftovers
Friday: Italian Meatballs and Sauce a la Duchess of Fork
Saturday: I am never sure about the weekend plans, unless we have set dinner plans.  Especially with J still working on Saturday's.  We will probably just have leftovers from the week...
Sunday: I am thinking about The Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr Pepper Shredded Pork minus some of the spicy.  The Dr. Pepper is getting me here.  Especially since we already have Dr. Pepper here.  score 

dont let this happy girlfriend fool ya, she has been a BEAR the past 2 days while cutting her 4 (yes, all 4) molars.  this was taken last weekend, unbeknown to me that those little stinkers were headed our way...teething is for the birds, not toddlers :(  Sister has been a mess.   

So I am stepping up my game in the meals department this week.  I am hoping to continue this, I just have to make a plan and prepare ahead of time.  Not to difficult, I know.  Go link up with Molly, the beautiful Duchess of Fork with your menu!  Have a fabulous week!  


  1. Oh my goodness...I really hope y'all like the meatballs and sauce. It's one of my favorite recipes!!

    1. It sounds so good! I am sure it will be tasty :)


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