Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Joshua's cousin & his wife came from California to help finish Jayson & Bethany's beautiful, no GORGEOUS basement!  Erik is an electrician, so he was a huge help for them!

Warning....picture overload!!!!

Kallen LOVES dogs.  Caesar is a wonderful dog who doesnt mind anything, and Kali loved every minute and took advantage.   
Sidenote: I dont usually let my child 'kiss' a hairy dog.  For the record, when I went to take the picture, she was looking at me and then dived face first as soon as I took it....
My sweet little nephew.  I want to kiss those cheeks!  He is so adorable!
Hopers being silly
Boys will be boys....
Kal & Finners playing
Playing in the new basement!!
Joshua & I got this turtle for Hope's first birthday (which I feel like was just a month or so ago), and I cannot believe Kallen was playing on it!  My how time flies!
Auntie Nikki came to visit, we missed her SO much!!!
Kal & Finn had fun playing times this weekend!!
The 4 kiddo's - Hannah, Kallen, Finn & Hope
It is a little difficult getting a good picture...
especially when Kal was hitting/grabbing Hannah and Finn...
notice this next picture sweet Hannah is on the opposite side of the child is such a stinker. 
Great Grandma & Grandpa with their great grandkids
I think they are done...!
We had to see how the bow looked with hair....Finn might hate his momma and auntie for this :)
We had a wonderful weekend!!  I wish all weekends were 3 days!!

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