Friday, September 23, 2011

Winona visit

Last weekend, we went down to Winona to watch Uncle Chris play football!  He got a concussion their first game and it was his first game back.  We were so pumped to see him play!  Auntie Nikki goes to Winona now as well, so we were able to see her room and hangout before too!  We miss them both so much!

 Auntie Jen with Kal while tailgating
Kallen did so well.  I was so pleased on how she did...hopefully she keeps it up for this weeks game as well!
Uncle Chris!  #4.  
Dave & Tonya came with us, and Kal slept through most of the first half (game started at 6) and auntie Ton was awesome and such a help snuggling the babe. 
Kali woke up...just in time to clap for Uncle Chris' interception!!!!  Yeah!  So fun
Oh so sweet.  Love it!  
 I dont think Kallen was too keen on the 'after football game' smell that surrounded her...get used to it sister! 
Kal & I, uncle Chris, daddy and auntie Nikki!  We had so much fun, (daddy looks like he had a little too much fun but I think he was unprepared for the pic?)... and we cant wait for Saturday! 

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  1. How fun! I'm glad Kallen did so well at the game. I love football season! Love her polka dot coat, too. ; ) She's beautiful.


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