Monday, August 1, 2011

california part 2...finally!

We have been crazy busy here!  We just got back from South Dakota last night and had today to recoup!  It was a blast as always & Kal was awesome.  So I finally took the time today to put the rest of our California pictures together! 
Kali in Uncle Dean & Aunt Wendy's pool.  She loved we just need to convince daddy to put in a pool ;)
Aunt Wendy &  Kal.  She is seriously the best!!!!  I cannot say enough good things about her! 
Adorable.  She is looking like a little girl more & more everyday!  What happened to this sweet little toddler?? (she is still sweet of course, just not a toddler!)
The little miss was tired after a long sweet!  
This girl loves her daddy
Great Grandpa Nixon
Mr. Finn!  Love this sweet baby boy!
The little miss in the floaty.  She really enjoyed this!!
matching cousins, so sweet!
We went to the santa barbara zoo...Kal was awake for about 5 minutes and slept the rest of the time :)  Maybe next year??!!

 She loooved the ocean!  I was pretty surprised being it pretty cold but she thought it was fabulous!  I think we need to visit more :)
We went out to eat one of our last nights to Brooke's (Our cousin) restaurant she works at and aunt Wendy was awesome to take miss Kal out walking so momma could eat!  It was wonderful!  

We had so much fun in California & I am so glad for such fun & exciting families :)  We cant wait to go back!!!

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  1. So close and yet so far...

    Glad you had a fun trip!


    ps-for some reason Google won't let me comment so I have to do anonymous.


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