Monday, August 8, 2011

8 months

Kallen Jayne, you are 8 months old!  Each & every monthly post I write I am just in awe of how fast you grow!!!
You are in size 4 diapers

You wear mostly 6-12 month size clothing
 You are sadly done with nursing.  You started protesting when you were 7 months, but would still nurse for your first feeding, but that has stopped.  I am not producing enough for you so we have been supplementing formula, I miss nursing you, it makes me soooo sad!
I think you are around 20 lbs...I think I said that around your last post...but I have no clue!  Maybe 21 or 22??
You are a sporadic napper.   It depends on the day, sometimes you take 2 awesome naps (morning/afternoon) and other days you will have one or the other and well...sometimes you hardly nap at all.  As long as you are happy then I dont mind :) 
You still love Kobe!  He is apprehensive to you and I think he is in for a big wake up call when you can run after him!
You are pulling yourself up everywhere!  Especially in your crib, you think it is the best thing!

You can sit from your tummy easily. 

You scoot everywhere, you are so close to crawling!  You can crawl backwards, though. *Update as of 8/8/11, Kal is crawling!! 
You talk all the time!

Blowing raspberries is your thing.  If you are not chatting it up, you are blowing raspberries.
You love your bath!  You just love splashing and getting momma wet! 

You enjoy being rocked to sleep hasnt always been this way for you, so I am enjoying the time you allow me to do that!  It is rare!

You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up between 6-630.  Sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later (my favorite days).
You still love music.  I feel like I sing to you all day long.  Our favorites are Jesus Loves Me, You are my Sunshine, Jesus loves the little children, Baby Beluga, and so many more.....

Dancing is just as fun :)  You light up & giggle if you are dancing with daddy or I.  Love it!

You dont have any teeth yet!  I think at 4 months I was convinced you were getting a tooth.  Yes, ill have a slice of that humble pie please....thanks :)  I love that gummy smile though!!

You are such a good eater!  For breakfast you usually have fruit/oatmeal and for dinner you have veggie/oatmeal and a fruit.
We are just smitten with you baby girl and we enjoy each and every minute with you!!!  We love you sooo much!!!!! 


  1. She is soooo beautiful!! Love getting updates!! We want to come in September...I will call soon!


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