Wednesday, August 10, 2011

south dakota

We had so much fun in South Dakota!  We went for my cousin Amanda's wedding the last weekend in July and I am so glad we went.  We were debating because of the long drive (4.5-5 hours without stopping) but we did it and it was well worth it!  We have a cabin there as well, but just dont get there enough because of the long drive - it is hard to justify that long of a trip for only having one 'full' day there!  
On our way, miss K sleeping in her big girl car seat.  We only stopped once for Kal's bottle, she did awesome! 
First time on the boat!  She was NOT a fan of the life jacket.  But did love the boat :)
She was a little shocked with the immediate cold water in the lake so wasnt the biggest fan....
Uncle Ricky!
Amanda & Tyler had so many cute little details, it was just a perfect beach wedding!!!
Kallen fell asleep right after the ceremony (of course ;) and slept for a little bit at the reception
She loved pulling herself up on the stroller
Shelly & Dana's speech, they did just awesome.  It was a 'amanda & tyler' rendition of Letterman's top 10, everyone was laughing!
Bride & Groom thanking everyone
Auntie Jen
Kallen with the beautiful bride!  She was getting hungry at this point so we couldnt muster many smiles....
Daddy & Kal
Auntie Nik & Kallen
Shelly & the little sass.  Shelly is Amanda's sister/moh, our cousin is just gorgeous.  She is marrying Dana next summer, and we are definitely going back for hers as well!
Fell asleep on the boat....
On our way home.  Kal did so well and I was so thankful!!!  We definitely wore her out but had so much fun!  Another cabin trip is in order!

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