Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Auntie Nikki's graduation

This past weekend we had my baby sister's highschool graduation!!!  I cannot believe she is that old, and will be going off to college in a couple short months!  Yikes!

Kallen did great at the graduation, it was my sister's dream to have a niece or nephew at her graduation so we had to take her ;)  She woke up just as it started & just took everything in.  She babbled & fussed a little at the end, but otherwise did just wonderful.  That's my girl!

 She was a little scared of her auntie's hat
 Nikki took off her hat, but Kal was still not having it! 
She was okay as long as momma was holding her...but still stared at that silly blue hat
Kali with Great Grandpa & Grandma!
Oh highschool...I do not miss thee.  I had fun, but have no desire to go back!
It did look very nice though.  They have done alot of remodeling since I was there!  
All the graduates walking in!
Nikki is in there....the short blond 

My camera died after this picture...so thats all I have!  I was going to steal some from my sister's facebook but apparently you cant download the pictures anymore?  Ugh annoying!  

Congratulations Sister!!!!!!!!!  We love you sooooo much and are so proud of you!  

Kallen turned SIX months yesterday!!!  Oh my word.  I will have her 6 month post up soon!  

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