Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog day of silence

Blog/Twitter Day of Silence 10/10/2012

If you havent heard sweet Julee   tragically lost the love of her life on Saturday night.  Matt was killed in a car accident.  They have a 10 month of baby girl, Preslee, who is just sweeter than words. 
Matt's funeral is today.  I cannot fathom what Julee is feeling right now.  My heart is just aching for her and their families.  Please, please pray for Julee.  And anyone else who has lost someone.  If you feel led to help out and donate, please go to Jenna's blog where she has compiled a list of everyone who is helping the Turner's.  I cannot imagine losing my husband, best friend and daddy to my sweet baby girl.  I hate this for her.  I hate that all of their plans, hopes and dreams are gone.  Please, continue to pray for them.  And hold and treasure your loved ones close.  Life can change in an instant and although we have to trust in Him, it certainly isnt always easy.

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