Saturday, August 8, 2009

Show us your life: Wedding Reception and Honeymoon

I am late again with posting along with Kelly's Korner Show us your life - Wedding reception and Honeymoon. We had a beautiful reception and it was oh so much fun. I am tired and want to go to bed soon, but thought I would post pictures of our wonderful night with brief captions :)

My mom and I made our centerpieces, we had wreaths with berries around them and then vases with floating candles in the center (my poor mom has about a thousand vases now :)
We also made the reception program, giving the MANY guests an idea of how the night was going to unfold.

Here is my adorable cousins again, Jack and Kylie. This is when the wedding party entered, I have the best pictures of them!

The wedding party sitting down at our head table...we (I) couldn't wait to sit down!

Seen this picture before?? I love it and think I have posted it at least a couple times on here before....

Here we are dancing away!

Wedding party dance - or talk??

I don't know how we ended up taking a picture against a plain wall...!

A fun tip about our wedding reception...I am 1/2 Danish, and my dad's side of the family is all Dane, gets a little crazy sometimes! Anyways - every Christmas we have a tradition of dancing around the Christmas tree and sing a traditional song along with many other Christmas songs. I was terrified to bring Josh to our Christmas, but thankfully he was a trooper and jumped right in when we started dancing around the tree! Anyways - since our wedding was so close to "Lil Yuleoften" (Danish Christmas celebration) on the 23rd, we thought it would be fitting to dance around the Christmas tree at our reception! I was a little nervous to see what everyone on Josh's side thought, and our other friends and relatives who are not accustomed to this fun tradition...but it was a hit and a great memory!

I had to wear 4 1/2 inch heals to look remotely tall compared to my hubs, as he is 6'1 and I am almost 5 ft. So clearly by the end of our night my sister was on the ground taking my shoes off. I was beyond tired!

It was a beautiful, wonderful event that we have SO many memories of and are so grateful for everyone that came and helped us out! It was just a great day!

We didnt go on a honeymoon, as we didnt want to miss out on all of our Christmas festivities with all of our families that shared in our wedding. We were planning one but then was put off when I got pregnant and then we just decided to wait...and then we went on a Cruise this past May for Tonya and Dave's Wedding - so we considered that our honeymoon a year later! Just with many family members - but fun!



P.S. - I have been adding little bits to Emma's story to post but am just not there yet. I have had a couple of rough days the past week and have not made it through my final thoughts :) It will be up shortly. Thank you for all your prayers and support!


  1. Looks like it was a great wedding! We also did cranberris and greenery for our centerpieces.

  2. That sounds like a great time! I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Hi Angie - Just wanted to drop in and say Hi and let you know that I found your blog spot and will start following your story. Krista came over to my house last Friday night and it was so nice to see her again. We talked about trying to setup a recurring date for all of us ladies from infant support group to get together so we don't lose the friendships.

    I hope things are well with you.

  4. Your reception looked like it was a lot of fun! I have never heard of the tradition of dancing around the Christmas tree before.

    That's neat that you guys were able to go on the cruise. What did you think about that? I loved our cruises!

    I'm gonna say a little prayer for you tonight. I know that sharing Emma's story must be really hard, but I pray that you'll be able to find the words.


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