Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half removal?

Disclaimer - if you do not want to read about my cervix, cerclage removal or any other part of me...come back later for a picture post that will be much lighter :)

I have MANY pictures to update with - but will first share about the lovely cerclage removal...well half removal I should say.  At almost EVERY doctor appointment that was dedicated to looking at my cervix/cerclage, I was told how well the stitches were put in and that they werent going anywhere - what a blessing!  This was going to be the way I was able to get through the pregnancy, with wonderful knots holding my cervix closed...

And it was!  It worked, I am 36 weeks + and our baby girl is healthy & active.  I must admit that I was pretty nervous to get the stitches out, as if you remember this post about my recovery when I got them put in, it was not a cake walk.  And for the removal you are not put out or given any drugs, more or so just like an annual exam with a few extra tools.  To get the stitches out, I would have some pressure, pulling, and cramping but thats it.  Rarely issues arise where it is painful and if that was the case they would stop.  It would take about 5 minutes, then they would have me walk around for a little bit and check me to see if anything progressed into signs of labor and if not - i'd be sent home!  Sounds quick and pretty painless right? 

The first stitch was removed, yes it was uncomfortable but I was managing.  Once the first one was out and was going for the next one - he kept saying "wow that one is really up there, its really high", etc, but I was trying to tune him out and not think of what was going on.  It was getting more painful but I just kept reminding myself that it would be over soon and could go home.  Then he just stopped and asked if I ate breakfast.  "Ummm no, just had some orange juice" (I was too nervous to eat!)  Turns out I am one of those "rare lucky ones" (in my dr's sarcastic words) whose stitch was really high and tissue started to grow over it.  The reason he asked me if I ate breakfast is because they wanted to take me to L & D, put me under conscious sedation and get the second one out.  It would be extremely painful to get the other one out without any sedation.  But, apparently the anesthesiologists dont want you to have ANYTHING (I cannot believe I drank that orange juice.  I was a little frustrated as I did it on a whim right before going out the door!) to eat or drink 8 hours prior, so I am going back tomorrow morning to get the second stitch out.  So if you would be so inclined, I would appreciate the prayers that all goes smoothly tomorrow!  Thanks! 

Have a great evening, I dont know if ill update tomorrow, but will do my best especially for Thursday - 37 weeks! 


  1. Oh man, that does not sound fun at all. I will be praying for you and that things go smoothly.

  2. Praying :) can't wait to see baby Nixon. So very very excited that in a few weeks you'll be holding her in your arms!

  3. Good luck tomorrow, Angie! Those little stitches did wonders for you! You're almost there.

  4. Poor you ang! I feel so bad for you! Hang in there....the best is yet to come!!!

  5. Ohh Ang....Im so sorry you have to go through such an ordeal! Ill be thinking about you tomorrow hun & take care!

  6. Ang, I'm so sorry the removal didn't go as expected. I guess I was lucky, my stitches were out in less than 2 minutes. But hey, at least the stitch was nice and high and kept baby girl inside so you could make it to 36+ weeks. Can't wait to meet her.


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