Sunday, November 21, 2010

not your run of the mill...

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails of thoughts and prayers!  I am so sorry about the update - or lack there of I should say.

No baby is my disclaimer again if you dont want to hear the "follow up update on my cervix/cerclage"

I went in on Wednesday at 7:30 am with hopes of leaving by noon at the latest.  I changed into a fashionable gown, monitor was put on to check on the little one and I got my iv of fluids started and all of the other good things they have to prep you before "surgery".  The perinatologist was in at 9 along with the anesthesiologist and it was decided I would do the conscious sedation rather than a spinal.  Estimated time that was given to us was 45 minutes for the entire thing, baby and I would be monitored for a little bit after to see if I would go into "rip roaring" labor as they put it or if not, then I would be sent home.  Noon discharge was sounding good! 

However, I did not turn out to be another normal case, run of the mill procedure.  Turns out my body was reacting to pain when they were removing a stitch so they made a decision to put me completely under to go for the last stitch.  It is very "high" and in my tissue, so all they were able to do was cut the last stitch so my body can go into labor and I would be able to deliver naturally (with the stitch still intact I would not be able to dilate properly).  I dont have any recollection of being in pain/anything that went on in the operating room, thank goodness!  The procedure obviously went longer than expected.  I woke up in my room (at 11:45, so much for the noon discharge) and was told that I was dilated to a 4 and that the last stitch was cut but would have to be removed after I delivered.  I wasnt having any contractions so most likely I would be sent home.  I stayed the same for the remaining time we were there and then we finally were able to leave around 4.  Can you believe it?!  At least we know that the stitches worked in keeping my cervix closed and getting this far, but boy, what an ordeal.  The only thing that has really bothered me pain wise has been my throat when they had to intubate me in putting me under.  Ive had this very raspy cough like voice and so glad that is getting better now. 

I had my 37 week check & a follow up on Friday and no major progress.  Still dilated to a 4 and my doctor "estimated" that the little miss would come in around a week, but they are just as curious as me to see when she will make her debut.  So we will see what happens! 

I know that she is COMPLETELY worth it and I could not be more grateful and appreciative to all of our doctors and nurses.  Now we are just waiting waiting waiting! 


  1. Oh man, that sounds likens painful ordeal! I'm glad it's over for you now!

  2. Praying for you sweet friend. I hope that you have a wonderful delivery and that the Lord blessed you in ways you cannot imagine. Love to you.

  3. Glad that's behind you, Angie. Best of luck in these final stages, and enjoy meeting your little girl!!!


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