Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Melt my heart

 Helping momma with laundry.  Did I mention I love doing laundry?  I do at least a load a day, if not more.  Usually I dont have to do more than one because I keep up on it so much.  I dont know what it is - but I love it!  Teach 'em young right?
 Senior night for Auntie Nikki - I cannot believe my baby sister is a senior! 
 I dont remember if we were coming or going - but she was out!  Her hair definitely looks like it has a red tint to it in this picture...my family has alot of red (not super bright red) so we are interested if the little miss will have some red locks.  I am thinking it will be blonde...but we will see.
 Melt my heart.  Kal loves to sit up and check everything out.  We cant help but smile at that face! 
 Momma's sassy little girl.  She wore this to church, I cant get over that jean skirt!
 Playing on her play mat...and watching tv.  She doesnt have any interest in the musical attachment for the play mat, but loves looking at the tv...
 So happy!  She has started to laugh a little - it is super cute! 
Raise the roof!  Isn't that what all the hip cool kids are saying these days?  They arent?  Oh well...when Kallen is on the floor, she seems to just love raising those arms!  They are always up and all over.  If they arent raised in the air you can find them in her mouth, over her face, or just flailing all over. 

I will hopefully get the rest of my project 365 all caught up tomorrow.  I have a feeling that this is how the months are going to go...but hey, as long as I get a picture a day - ill be happy!  

  Kali & I are super excited because we have a fun cousin play date planned tomorrow!  We can't wait to hangout with Hopers & Finn (nickname to come soon I'm sure) & Auntie Beth! 

Happy mid-week! 

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