Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 months

Kallen, once again your monthly birthday came all to quickly (I'm late posting this...!).  My baby girl is 7 months old!  We are officially over half way to her first birthday, I cannot even stand it.  I might have a 'mini' meltdown when she turns one!  
You are just the sunshine in our lives Kal.  Even when I am dog tired at 5 in the morning you can make me smile & laugh.  It is seriously the best!   
You are sleeping from about 7-7:30-5:30 (sometimes a little sooner & sometimes a little later).  I was a bit worried about transitioning you back to our time zone after our California trip but you have been great!  Which is nothing short of awesome!!
 You are wearing size 3-4 diapers & 6-12 month clothes

I am unsure of how much you weigh, but I am guessing around 20lbs
You are laughing on your own more & more.  Mostly at Kobe because you just love that silly puppy
You have lost interest in nursing which makes me sooo sad!  In California I had to supplement with some formula because I wasnt able to pump as much as you needed and other times you were completely against nursing.  We have had to continue supplementing since we have been back too which is just a bummer.  But you are still happy & healthy so ill stop whining :)
You eat cereal  fruit for breakfast & cereal & vegetable for dinner.  You make noises throughout your meals and get upset with  me when it is all gone.  It's serious business when it comes to your food! 

 You have started cuddling more with me & daddy when your tired and it is SO sweet.  I could snuggle you up!!!
You went on your first plane ride to California a couple weeks ago and were such a champ.  You didnt sleep hardly at all because you were so busy looking at everyone around you and chatting them up!  You were quite the hit.  
You love music.  You love when we dance with you, you just smile & laugh & sometimes lay your head on our shoulders and it just melts us to pieces!  It is so adorable :)

You have mastered playing 'peek-a-boo'.  You want to play all the time so our days consist of playing that at least 5 times :)  It is pretty cute!
 You LOVE the water.  You enjoy playing in your 'kiddie pool' and in the bathtub.  You get so excited & look up at me (& daddy if he is there) and are ually just beaming.  You had a great time in Uncle Dean & Aunt Wendy's pool in California!! 
 Kali, momma & daddy love you so so incredibly much.  Each and every moment we get to spend with you is such a blessing and I will never take it for granted.  It has been an absolute delight to be your momma for the past 7 (almost 7 1/2 months!)!!! 


  1. She just has the sweetest, most precious little face :) I'm sure you knew that already! Ha!

  2. Love her!! The one in the pool reminds me of Hallie...Jon said the same thing! :)

  3. Angie, oh my goodness she just the sweetest thing! My favorite picture is where she is wearing the white bow and pink shirt looking down. Precious.


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