Saturday, July 23, 2011

behind...California trip part 1

Sooooooooo I am extremely behind on the blog!  Summer has taken over.  Even in this extreme MN heat/humidity we seem to keep busy with play dates, projects around the house, cleaning, organizing, & walks/runs.  It is alot of fun, but sadly the blog gets left behind.  So here are pictures from Kallen's first California trip! 

We went out to California with Jayson & Beth, Hope & Finn & Grandma & Grandpa Nixon, for cousin Erik's wedding & then stayed at Uncle Deans & Aunt Wendy's for a week!  They are the best host's, it was wonderful and went way to fast as always.  We cant wait to go back!

It is amazing how much stuff you need with a baby!  We had 2 big suitcases, diaper bag, car seat bag, stroller, 2 carry-on's and the boppy!  I cant imagine all the packing with more than 1 babe!    
Dont let those jammies fool you.....this little miss was chatty kathy with everyone on the plane.  She looked all around and talked away to everyone both plane rides.  She is quite the attention grabber!
We started out putting miss k in the hot tub (at a safe temperature for the babies of course) to get her warmed up to the water.  She did great & loved it!
Relaxing away....
We 'dunked'  her under the water.....she wasnt to sure about it but after we were all cheering her on she thought it was great!
Uncle Jayson & Kallen matching.......GO LAKERS!!!
Daddy, Kallen...& Finn!  
Great grandpa Nixon holding Kallen 
She was wiped out (especially on the pool days!) every night. 
cousins playing
Early evening swim with daddy!  
I think this picture is so sweet!  
Kali & Lucy!  
She really started to get up on her knees this trip
Daddy & Kal rocking their shades....
Hopers is growing up so much!  
looove her tutu swimsuit!
Sitting with Grandma in the shade. 

Okay...this is going to be 2 parts, I'm having trouble uploading more pictures so I'll try again tomorrow!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing weekend!!

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