Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 months

It would seem that I have 18 kiddo's and a huge house to manage and that is why it is so difficult to blog...but, that is not the case!  Minnesota has been having some beautiful weather, so we have been taking advantage!  This week it is finally turning to our 'normal' October weather, so hopefully ill be back to some more regular blogging, as we will be inside the house more.  I am looking forward to the cooler weather though, this heat was hanging on a little too long....anyways, here is Kalpal's 10 month post:
Holy cow!  10 months old?  Only 2 months until your 1st birthday??  I cannot believe how fast time goes with you, Kal!  These past 10 months have flown by in the blink of an eye! 
You are wearing size 4-5 diapers

Wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, some 6-12 month still, depending on the brand/style

You love when your daddy gets home from work.  When you hear the garage you crawl super fast over to the door and squeal when he walks in!  It is pretty darn cute!  
You take a 5-6 (sometimes way less)oz bottle every 4-5 hours (usually 6, 11,3-4, 6-7)

You used to sleep through the you get up a few times, either from nightmares or to check to make sure we are still there :)  You go down around 7-730 and usually wake up around 11, 2, 330,430, and then 545-6 am for the day!  Happy as can be!

You eat cheerios and yogurt for breakfast every morning. 
You like turkey, but not a huge fan of chicken yet.  You love cheese, applesauce, noodles, carrots (cooked of course), sweet potatoes, banana's, eggs and goldfish
You have 2 teeth now!  Boy oh boy, you let us know you were not happy about it.  :)  You got them when you were 9 months and 3 weeks.
You are so close to walking!  You can stand on your own steadily and have taken 1 or 2 steps but then get nervous and sit down.
You have some serious sass and attitude already...I am nervous for the teenage years already!
You are not shy about telling us if your mad or upset or feel you need something (see above statement :)
You still love Kobe and I know you wish he wanted to play more...
 You love watching 'big kids' such as your big cousin Hope!  It is so fun to have cousins who we get to see so much! 
Your new thing has been trying to climb up on everything!  This includes, furniture, stairs of course, gates, people, animals, pretty much anything.  You are a crazy girl!
You are such a happy little girl, your smile just makes my heart want to burst.  We are so unbelievably grateful for our baby girl! 

Kali, we love you so much!!!   I wouldnt trade my days (just my nights, kidding!!!!) with you for anything.  I truly treasure each and every single moment with you!! 


  1. That last picture is too cute, she looks like the happiest baby in the world =)
    happy 10 months baby girl!

  2. Can't believe that 10 months have passed already. I'm glad that you have been able to spend every moment with her.


  3. She is so precious! She looks just like you.


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