Tuesday, May 1, 2012

March for Babies 2012

We walked at the March of Dimeswalk on Sunday and it was so nice!  The last 3 years have either been raining or super cold, or both!  But this year was beautiful.  Josh and I are so thankful for each and every person who walks in honor of our sweet girl (and others of course!)
Sweet Hannah!  
 Kal & Hope running around before it all starts!
 Kal didnt last very long in the stroller...thankfully grandpa was there to carry for awhile! 
 about to start! 
 Back of our shirts
 part of our group on the left side, so thankful!!
 after the walk was done we all congregated but I forgot to have the picture made of everyone! 
Thank you to each and every person who has walked, prayed, and donated for us!  We are so grateful for all of the support and prayers throughout these past 4 years!  Thank you!!!


  1. We had our walk this weekend too. I'm glad you had nice weather and I LOVE the shirts you had made!

  2. What a great day! I cried lol that Taylor Swift song and the quote on the back of your shirts! so excited to follow you now!


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