Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iowa weekend

This past weekend we loaded up and headed to Iowa to visit some of our very best friends!  Jon & Joshua lived together in college and we just dont see Jon, Katie and their 3 beautiful children enough! 
yes, all this for one weekend.  I am an over packer at heart, much to my husbands dismay....
girlfriend fell asleep about 20 minutes in and slept for about 2.5 hours!  Who knew I just have to drive around all day to get her to nap?
We're here!  Harper, Kal, Hallie & Bowen in the back! 
crazy girls
We enjoyed our first night out by the fire, it was the perfect night! 
Katie & I
they are the best!!
the boys reminiscing the college days :)
 On Saturday it was HOT so by 10 am we were outside in the pool! 
 We had to doubletime with the sprinkler too :)
 3 bff's.  These girls are crazy and oh so adorable!  Will be bff's like their parents!!
 She is a pistol.  Cannot turn my back for a second.
 Saturday evening we went to El Mariachi, our most favorite Mexican Dive that has become one of our most favorite traditions!  So good.  I dont even want to think about how many calories I consumed. 
 Harper and Kal scoping out the ice cream at the ice cream shop. 
 Then they were chatting and so excited - smart girls ;)
We had the most wonderful time and are so grateful for such amazing friends.  We love you all so much and cant wait for our next {already planned, wahoo!} get together!!!!


  1. What a fun weekend! Loved seeing all your Instagram pics as the weekend went on. Glad you had such an awesome time! :)

  2. I love seeing college friends and wish there were more time to do it! Looks like a blast (and the back of your car looks much like mine when we travel!)


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