Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That time my new iphone went to Hawaii....without me

If you follow me on twitter, then I am sure you heard all about me losing my iphone on our way home from vacation.  You know, the iphone that was 2 weeks old and the one I took ALL of our vacation pictures with.  Every single one.  From our time by uncle dean & aunt wendy's pool, the santa barbara zoo, when we were at the beach(es), and every single other second of vacation.  Awesome huh?  I was in a state of depression from when I learned of my ahem, misplacing, of my phone.  I mean, obviously I was bummed (WAY bummed) about my new phone, but it was the pictures.  All the pictures, that had me so upset.

I cried. more than twice once.  Call me dramatic, really you can.  I knew I was being dramatic.  I know it is just a material item.  I knew I would have a few pictures that my husband took, even though they didnt pale to my 500+ pictures.  But I was so looking forward to updating our pictures around the house, and just so many great memories from our vacation.

I was convinced that I was not getting the phone back.  I mean, these days, who is going to turn in a brand new iphone?  I called the LAX, DFW and American Airlines lost & found lines like every 30 minutes on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

And then I got an email.  One that I almost deleted because I thought it might be spam...

I am really not the superstitious type.   But I was not going to let anything 'hinder' the fact that I might get that phone back.  So Although I had this written about 2 weeks or so ago, I wasnt going to post until I got my phone. And you know what?  I got it back!!!  Such a gem guy found it, looked up my email and contacted me.  We corresponded about the email and my address and upon my many requests to reimburse and provide a 'finder's fee', Mr Gem of a guy requested I donate the money.  You guys, my faith was seriously restored that there are still good people in this world.  Trust me, I realize I am SO so blessed.  I had so many family and friends praying when I had totally lost hope.  So grateful. 

There have been a few hiccups and issues once I got it back, but I am pretty much in business now so no complaints here!  Like I said, I am so blessed & relieved!!!  Although....I will not even mention the fact that my phone has been in Hawaii...and I have not. 

Happy Tuesday :) 


  1. What a sweet guy!!! Seriously, that just restored my faith in people too. Can't wait to see the pictures from your vacation =)

  2. So glad you found your phone! I felt awful for you when you tweeted you lost it. I would be so upset if I lost mine!!! And what a sweet guy. There are still some good people in the world :)

  3. Mr. Gem was such a sweet guy! I'm so glad he found it and you got it back :)

    I lost my purse once in a lowe's parking lot and that part of town is known for it's car break-ins. I was 20 minutes away before I figured out I didn't have my purse. It had my MP3 player and my credit cards, everything. I called the store and someone had turned it in. Nothing was missing.

    Unfortunately the same can't be said for my sister about 8 months ago she went to a restaurant and left her purse in her boyfriends truck and someone broke into it and stole her Iphone keys (she had a 2010 Chevy camaro at the time and to replace the keys it's $500) we had to change all the locks in her house, she had to get a new bank account etc. They used her credit cards at a gas station.

    It took police 45 minutes to respond even though she was in a heavily populated area (mall area) so there should have been a police presence in the area but there wasn't.

  4. That's awesome glad a nice person found it and returned it! Great to know there are still a few!
    Just thought I'd share there is a find my iphone app that you can put on your phone then all you have to do is get on another phone and login ( can't remember) extactly what I had to do) and it will tell you the exact location of your phone. I have used it before just out of curiosity if it even worked.


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