Friday, February 19, 2010

Show us your Ministry

Kelly from Kellys Korner is having a MckLinky for Show us your Ministry

I dont technically have a ministry

I do have a story

Everyone has a story

This sweet girl is my story (well most of it at least!)

Click HERE to read sweet Emma's story...which inevitably becomes Our story.

Although losing our first daughter was more than difficult, I have grown and changed and know that I can help others who have to endure this heartbreaking path.  I have developed a passion that I pray will never fade.


  1. That passion for helping others through what you've been through IS your ministry, Angie. What a beautiful thing to be able to offer someone who is going through that. Sometimes we just need to know that others truly understand what we're going through.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Your passion to help others is beautiful. And what a beautiful testimony is your blog.

  3. Hey Ang!

    Love You Sister!! I miss you already!! Some times I wonder if as much as the Lord plans us to be with our spouses he means us to be with our "SOULMATES! I will say now..for sure..that God means for us to be "together"> I am soo happy our lives have intertwined!! Love you!!


  4. That story makes me tear up, even reading it for a second time!

  5. God will redeem this pain...and use your story to touch many. Thanks for sharing about your sweet girl...


Thanks so much for your sweet comments!