Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun weekend with the Evans family!

We had a great weekend with The Evans Family a couple weeks ago- we wish they lived closer!!  I am so behind on this blog....dont get me wrong I try to keep up with others (Josh can attest to that!) but my life isnt too interesting to blog about...yet ;)

Anyways!  Back to our fun weekend!  We enjoyed our time with Jon, Katie, Hallie and Harper.  Harper was born on December 31st and just sweet as can be.  Hallie just turned 2 on January 30!  She is growing up and just so fun - I cannot believe how big she is getting!  She is very smart and hilarious!!  She loved on Kobe and it was so cute!  After the girlies went to bed...well Hallie, because Harper just loved staying up late with us :)...we played many games of rook & nertz - the weekend went by way to fast!!  Hallie & Harper so both so lovely and sweet and I know they will grow up in such a wonderful Christian home and will be blessed beyond their years!  We love you all so much and cant wait for our next get together!!

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!  If you would like to see more - head over to Katie's blog!! 

I just had to get a cake - what better way to celebrate a birthday & new addition than a cake from Woulettes??  I do not know... :)

Isnt that the most adorable face!! 

Jonny & Josh hanging out with Miss Harper

Hallie giving Kobers a hug - Katie I think she needs a boxer puppy of her own!!

The boys cooked us a wonderful valentines day breakfast! 

So nice of them!!

She is one crazy girl!!  Love it!!

You really need to go to Katie's blog - she has some great pictures and for some reason I cant save them on my computer....bummer! 

Happy Monday blogger friends!!  Tonight is the season finale of Bachelor...if Jake picks Vienna I just might boycott the rest of Bachelors.  That girl drives me nuts!!  Go Tenley!!


  1. Wow, that little girl is beyond adorable!! What a smile!

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