Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cowboys & Love stories....

We had a great weekend over here at the Nixon house.  Friday I watched my favorite 2 little girls that I nannied for in college & when we were first married.  Kylie & Elle have grown up so much and I just cant believe it!  They will be passing me up in no time!  Which is so sad, considering they are in 1st and 2nd grade.  They are so smart & witty, I was laughing at their comments most of the night!  We ended the night with watching a dvr'd American Idol and picking our favorites.  It was so great to see them! 

Arent they just adorable??!!  They are full of personality thats for sure! 

On Saturday I was up early because NEW MOON came out on dvd!  I went to target, got the movie & planned on coming home & cleaning and working out.  I did a little bit of cleaning but then got unbelievably sidetracked by Pioneer Womans Romance Novel.  I love cowboys and love stories.  You should read it.  But make sure you have time cause you wont be able to stop! 

Once I pried myself away from that online awesomeness Josh and I went to a family cookoff.  It was so much fun & boy was the food good!  There was Chili, chicken thighs & ribs.  It was great & we enjoyed the family time.  Then Beth and I watched New Moon!!  And yes of course it was just as great.  I am so glad that we can now watch that during our wonderful hangout times! 

On Sunday we went to Josh's parents to celebrate Bethany's bithday and also his aunt's.  Beth's birthday is Happy Birthday week!!  After the birthday bash, I decided to make Pioneer Womans Cajun Chicken Pasta and it was delicious!!  Josh loved it, and so did it is becoming a staple meal in the Nixon household!  I went and bought the Pioneer Womans Cookbook!  I am looking forward to that coming!   

I hear Arkansas has snow...hopefully they are taking Minnesota's place??  Well my Arkansas friends you can have it!  I am glad to be enjoying the 40-60 degree weather here!!  Enjoy the rest of your week! 


  1. Personally being a cowgirl and going to college on a rodeo scholarship, I love the rodeo life and all the cowgirl/cowboy friends of mine. They are true friends and it doesn't matter where you are at, (lost going to the next barrel race or rodeo) you can call them and you can get the 'barrel racing directions'! LOL I will have to check out her romance story! I love her and actually do not live far from her! A true woman! Forget the house, family and fun is more important! :)

  2. you inspired me to hop back on pioneer woman and make those amazing rosemary biscuits/rolls! i even took pictures like she did! first try, def. not as pretty as hers (wasn't patient enuff to let them rise all the way!) but will try again tonight. can't wait!!!

  3. Id love to check that cook out! Maybe we can get together next week??


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