Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I had a majorly lazy Sunday...and although I love doing that I always feel so guilty when that happens.  I had church nursery in the morning which I love.  We had gone to church on Saturday night so I was able to go home right after which began my lazy day :)  But I ended kicking my butt in gear and completed ALL the laundry, set out our outfits for work (gag), made salsa for dinner and packed our lunches.  Then we are sat on the couch with the dishwasher running (hearing that is one of my favorite.things.ever!!) and I had a glass of wine (which isnt nearly as good without my SIL)  while watching the oscar's (which were not as good as I thought they would be)...

We had a good weekend - On Friday we hungout with Chad & Destinee and she had made some great chicken tacos.  She has a wonderful cooking blog so if you are in need of some recipes you need to check out her blog!  On Saturday Tonya and I did some major overdue shopping which is always fun!  Then we went to church & dinner and then had a blast playing NERTZ!!!  Well Tonya and I did...the guys arent totally into it yet...but we love it! 

All in all we had a good weekend...I had some great purchases at Ann Taylor Loft which is one of my favorite stores!!  Tonya will tell you I am pretty pumped about my comfy was $$ well spent!!  This obviously isnt me in this picture but I just had to show you this sweater!  I am wearing it right now :)  It is so comfortable & such a great add to my week attire!  I have a feeling that Bethany will be seeing it this weekend!! 

Ugh!  I just went to their website to get this picture & now it is $10 what I paid just 2 days ago!!  So frustrating.  Oh well - I also got great necklace on sale & a couple scarfs for next year! 

Well I am going to finish Jason & Molly's wedding - I love weddings - although they are not the same as before.  I cannot help but think of our sweet Emma.  I will never get to see her walk down that aisle with her daddy by her side.  It breaks my heart all over again.  I think weddings will always trigger some sort of bittersweet feelings for me...

Well blogger friends!  Hope all of you are doing great...spring is around the corner which I am SO thrilled about - I am so sick of this MN winter! 

Did you have a good weekend???


  1. I looove Ann Taylor Loft...I'm wearing one of their sweaters right now too.

  2. Ann Talor is probably my favorite store in the world and I always get mad too because they are constantly lowering their prices from what I just paid. Oh well.

  3. Hey sweetie.. Im glad that you had fun with us on Friday... I sure did, I LOVE you 2.. well 3 including Kobe! I that sweater is great and glad you got some deals things shopping :)
    My weekend was busy... Saturday the sroer was really busy, we didnt over $8000 and Sundays are my fav! Church, time with family and chad.. Im not planning on working many this summer so hopefully we can spend some togehter! Talk to you soon

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