Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

2 years ago today I married my husband.  I dont know where I would be today without Josh.  I have known him for over 8 years.  Where does the time go?  I feel like it was yesterday that we were trying to rush out of our highschool classes to meet by the locker bays :)  Ha!  I couldnt drive when we met...didnt even have my permit!  We have been through so much in the last 8 years and even more in the past 2.  I wouldnt want to go through anything without Joshua and I am so glad he "gets" me and loves all of me...even my over emotional self!  Which has definitely been most of my self this past year. 

Here is a couple of pictures that I have on this computer...I have THOUSANDS more but ill just leave you a couple. 

My graduation party

On the Colorado River!  That was a great vacation!!

Hanging out at Jayson & Bethany's house

Lighting our unity candle

Leaving the wedding!  I was thrilled! 

At our reception - I was SO tired but it was such a wonderful day and night.  We definitely had a party!  Here are some other posts & pictures from our wedding Here & HereHere

I think this is one of the 3 times in my life that we have danced together (2 were at the wedding) - so I was so happy!    

Here is Joshua holding our daughter.  In the first year of marriage we found out we were pregnant and had our daughter within that same year.  Then the next year was dealing with the loss of our daughter.  Boy I feel like we can make it through anything.  It isnt easy to deal with the loss of a child.  Josh has been my rock through all of this and I am so thankful to be able to be his wife. 

I love you Joshua!  Happy 2nd Anniversary!  I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you and make many more memories. 




  1. Happy Anniversary from me too!!!

    After all that you've been deserve a lifetime of happiness!


  2. Happy anniversary!!! I thought of you today!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the pics you posted! You should post more pics of you guys in the future!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! Happy Holidays! Hopefully this year will be a little bit easier than last Christmas.

  5. I'm new to your blog, we have so much in common. We have a boxer as well except ours is a girl named Summer. And on October 22nd of this year my son Luke was born already with Jesus. I had a tear in my placenta, a blood clot and an infection. He was much longed for loved and wanted. It took us three years to conceive him.
    May 2010 bring you much joy and peace.


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