Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life - Wedding dress edition!

I loved my wedding, I loved planning my wedding, I love reading about weddings, I especially love looking at wedding dresses. I follow Kellys Korner and she has "show us where you live" Friday's that go through your house and show different rooms - it has been fun to look at everyone's ideas and I now have our future house all planned out!

Anyways - today is "Show us your life" - Wedding dress edition:
I loved my wedding dress - it was the first dress I tried on and I did try on other dresses "just to be sure" and clearly went back to my dress. I got it for a GREAT price - which makes it even more special!
I love this picture - We got married December 21st and I loved having a Christmas themed wedding - I love the Christmas trees in the background.
This is another favorite of mine. My dress is more a goldish color - in the pictures it looks try and picture that.
Thanks for looking at my wedding dress - head on over to Kelly's Korner to see everyone else's wedding dresses!


  1. You dress is beautiful, I love the bustling!

    We have a fawn Boxer too!

  2. Our boxer, Oliver, turned 4 this summer. He is just now starting to calm down a bit. But, he continues to guard his family and love his little sister, Audrey, like it is his only job! We love him so much and he is the perfect dog for our family! Kobe is a cutie, he looks so much like Oliver.

  3. How cool that we share the same anniversary! Christmas weddings are my favorite too. Love the song for the title of your blog...

  4. I love your dress! I can't wait to see who Jessie nominates - does Ronnie still have an alliance or is he going up?

  5. Angie...your dress was beautiful! That was so neat that you guys had a December wedding! I love the month of December. That's the month of my birthday!


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