Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 months!

Kallen you are 2 months old!  I cannot believe it! 
-You are wearing mainly all 3-6 months clothes which makes me just want to cry!  Some 0-3 months still fits, but just depends on the brand.
-You are in size 1 diapers
-You love your paci and it seems to really soothe you when you are at all upset!
-You enjoy your baths now, and dont like to be taken out!
-You are SO happy in the morning!  I just love getting you up, you are so happy and smiling away.   
-You have a brand new cousin, and you guys are almost exactly 2 months apart - just by 5 days!  This is the day baby Finn was born, and I cant believe how much you have grown!  You will have so much fun growing up with him (and your other cousin/friends as well)!  
-You are a little fussy at night, but it is usually just right before you go to sleep so I just snuggle you up and rock you - then you are just fine! 

-You  seem to favor me, but that isnt surprising as I am with you 90% of the day!  We miss daddy during "busy season!"

-You are smiling and have laughed a few times in your sleep - it is just music to my ears!  It is truly the sweetest thing!  

-You love to be sung too.  Mommy loves to sing you songs so we do alot of this during the day!  Your favorite's (& momma's) are Baby Beluga, Jesus Loves Me & Star Spangled Banner  

-You like books read to you as well - which make's this teacher at heart just giddy.  I have been buying books for you & Emma for years and couldnt wait to be able to sit down and read to you!  
-Tummy time isnt your favorite, but you will last for a little bit and do so good at holding your head up!  You are a strong little girl!  

-You are sleeping consistent 6-7 hours, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.  It has been wonderful!  We have a good little routine going at night and we are working on the days, as they get shuffled around at times.  We are flexible with you, and although you seem to do best on a schedule, you seem to do fine if it goes off a little bit.  

-You usually take 2 good naps during the day as well, which allows me to shower or workout!  I am determined to get back into shape!  

-We have your 2 month check this week and I am dying to see how much you weigh!  I am guessing around 11 lbs - you are a great eater and you are starting to get some of those adorable rolls on you!  

Kali we love you so much and cannot wait to continue to watch you grow!  You are the light of our lives and it just tickles me to be able to spend my days with you!!!  I love every second of it baby girl! 
Love, Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Angie - I LOVE this post!!!! I don't miss busy season, lol. I was just smiling when I read that part too! I might copy it for Tristan, he's 3 months tomorrow. You are such a great mom to Kali!! And keep it up on the working out - it is tough that's for sure. But soon these kiddos will be up rolling/scooting/crawling/walking around and that will add in some extra exercise too (and be a little sad bc they'll be a lot bigger).


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