Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful baby girl

I am so behind on our Project 365...We had a nice relaxing weekend & I am planning on being productive this week!  Lets see how long that lasts :)
Such a happy girl in the mornings!
 Tummy time!  This was right before the screaming started...not much of a fan. 
 First official cousin photo.  Finn, Hope, & Kali
 Auntie Tonya put you right to sleep! 
 Daddy's girl...loving the baby legs!
 Such a beautiful baby girl :)
 At the doctor's for her 2 month check.  She weighed in at 10 pounds, 9 oz.  She got 3 shots, I think they were tougher on me than her.  Poor girl! 
 This was the day after the shots.  Rough day for the little miss, rough day. 
Our good friends Chad & Destinee came over with their sweet baby boy Adrian & here are the dad's with their respective babies :)
Kallen's a-dor-able elephant slippers from her auntie & uncle - we were snuggling on Saturday reading books while daddy was hard at work. 
Kallen and her cousin Finn @ church
Happy Valentine's day!  We gave Kali this "mini" Minnie Mouse and she was clutching it - so cute! 
Kali & Kobe are out!  They have taken over our bed...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and an even better week! 

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