Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Confession time & Wonderfully, perfect, awesome words to share....

Okay, confession time. 

So my 30 day shred only lasted for about 4 days...then a week off...then 2 days...well you get the picture.  Anyways - I joined Lifetime fitness today and worked out for an hour.  Oh how I missed it!!  I am sore already but I love that feeling, as it means I must have done something!  It works out great because it is close to work so I can go right after and not have to sit in traffic and waste any time!  Sitting in traffic just makes my skin crawl so it is just the best answer!  Oh I love it and cannot wait to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight....well I would love to get lower than that but that will be my next goal.  :) 
next confession - well this isnt really bad but I LOVE FALL!  I love the weather, the colors, wearing sweatshirts and did I mention my shows????  Just the best!  Biggest Loser, the Office, FOOTBALL, grey's (many more but ill spare you) and even a few new shows as well!  So exciting!!  And what is even better about this fall is that my brother is playing college Football, as he was a redshirted freshman last year and now starting this year...he has already had 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown and there has only been 2 games!!!  Can you tell I am a proud big sister??  Ha!   Here is a picture after one of his interceptions - he is #27 :)  I cannot wait to go to his game next weekend and watch him kick butt!  So exciting for sure.  

Okay.  I wanted to have somewhat of an uplifting post, as even though I have been a little emotional and sad in the last couple posts, good things have been happening in my life that make me smile everyday.  As I read Courtney's blog tonight, she said some wonderfully, perfect, awesome words about "accepting" this new life we were given.  When I was reading it I had this calming relief over me and had tears in my eyes (emotional remember?) and I wanted to share...  
I thought I wanted to live in denial forever. I don't. Acceptance is hard and painful at times but it's a forward step...it's moment. Denial is standing still.
I could not have said it better myself.  Wonderful, perfect, awesome words.  Sad words?  Yes.  Frustrating that we even have to say that?  Yes.  But the fact that we can say that now is a blessing right there. 


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