Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tomorrow right??

I love Sundays when we have Monday off. It is such an exciting thing to me. 3 day weekends and 4 day weeks are just a wonderful way to live life. Obviously I wish I could just be home with Emma but that is not my life. So I am trying to be positive despite my constant emotions trying to bring me down. I was visiting Kelly's blog (weird I know) and she wrote an article on how to go from 2 incomes to 1 here. So I am now a saving machine. Because we dont have any children here with us we might as well save save save before trying again, knowing that I could be out of work if bedrest is needed.

We went to the lake yesterday and although I was trying to get out of it (Josh won out there) we did have fun. I ate way too much and I could just hear Jillian's head shaking at me...starting tomorrow right?

I had church nursery this morning. I enjoy being around them and serving at church. I did leave with a fat lip this morning, which I do not enjoy but it is part being with 20+ 2-3 year olds for an hour. I am going shopping soon (Ill start saving tomorrow right?)...another lovely thing to do on a Sunday when I dont feel like I am wasting my day - as I still have tomorrow to relax! I suppose I can start saving tomorrow right? We also have a couple other things going on today...but hopefully ill get a few pictures to share later...should be interesting!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy this long weekend. My fellow bereaved moms...I am saying an extra prayer for you today, as I know that extra time to think doesn't help the thoughts/emotions wander...thinking and praying for all today.


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