Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sullivans

I had a blog post all ready for tonight and right before I was about to post it something was telling me not too...so I decided to save it and go through my other "favorite blogs" and of course Kelly's was first and at the end of her post she had a prayer request for the Sullivans.  I immediately went to their site and broke down.  Absolutely in tears.  I am asking you to pray for this family.  I dont have all the details - But Sara and Brady have been married for 5 years, and she had breast cancer while she was pregnant.  She delivered Chloe via emergency c-section around 34 wks this past week and they were finally able to bring her home.  Once she was home she started seizing (Sara) and has since gone to be with Jesus.  I cannot imagine the pain that this family is enduring.  After gone through cancer and a delivery and finally being home to your wife and mother of your baby dying.  Brady has a wonderful heart and loves the Lord and is relying on Him right now which is a blessing.  He has many days ahead and this road will not be easy.  We know that God is with him and hurting as they do yet it just breaks my heart to pieces for someone to have to go through this.  Lord I am crying out to you to be with Brady and Chloe and to comfort them now and in the many days ahead.  Have Sara shine through Chloe and remind Brady of the wonderful times they shared together, along with their sweet baby girl. 

Please, please, please pray for Brady & Chloe as they have to now live without their best friend, wife and mother.  I dont think there is anything else to say other than this family needs our prayers.  Thank you.    

In Him,



  1. I also read her blog and teared up. I can't imagine what they are going through right now and how hard this will be for them.

  2. Kristin brought them to my attention yesterday. She actually knows people who knew Sara. I was so sad to hear about her passing yesterday. My heart goes out to Brady and Chloe. I will continue to keep them in my prayers!

  3. I read their story last night too... so so sad. Its amazing that she held on long enough to meet her little girl. Good luck and prays for Brady & Chloe!

  4. Angie...my heart is so broken for them.
    Thank you for sharing this. I will be praying for them.


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