Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

This past week has been busy and tons of fun - Josh's family from California came out to cold Minnesota!  We kept busy by eating, eating, and more eating.  Major diet time tomorrow for sure!!  They definitely keep us entertained :)  I will post some pictures when I get a chance - I have been without our laptop because our lovely Kobe decided to chew up my power cord!  This is the second one.  I am so annoyed. 

Our week and weekend was filled with friends and family and we had a ball.  I hope we can make it out to Cali before the summer...I am trying to convince my hubby.  He is in the middle of taking his CPA tests so unfortunately that plays a HUGE factor on our travel.  I would love to go - plus - 3 of my favorite people are going too!  It is so wonderful out there - I have a few blogging friends who are from there too!  Speaking of blogging friends Trisha gave me a beautiful blogger award!  Isnt she so sweet??!!  Thanks Trisha!!

The rules for this award are that I am supposed to share 7 things about myself and then send the award to 7 people.

7 things that you may not know (or want to know) about me: *by the way...I had to get some ideas from Trisha otherwise I would have only had like 3 things thanks Trisha!!

1.  I have known Joshua since I was the mere age of 14.  We have known each other for 9 years.  Wow, that is a long time.     
2.  I am allergic to pinapple and strawberries.  I am also lactose intolerant...but I still eat things with cheese and milk because they are so good. 
3.  My birthday was on Sunday and I turned 23.  Yes yes I got married when I was 20 (almost 21) and had Emma when I was 21.  I have always wanted to marry young and have babies young.  Remember my ultimate dream is to be a mom? 
4.  I am half Danish and every December 23rd we have Lil Yuleoften (sp??) with our entire crazy Danish family.  We eat Danish food and dance around the Christmas tree while singing a Danish song...dont you wish you could join us??!!
5. My degree is in Elementary Education.  I am not using that right now and I miss it.  I student taught in a first grade at a private Christian school and I. loved. it.   
6.  I will never be the same person I was before we lost Emma.  Some who knew me before having our sweet Emma can see that, and it is ever so prevalent to me.  I was very naive back in the day about alot of things.  I am not that girl.  Never again will I go through the day without thinking of Emma.  I have developed a passion for others in a relative situation in my heartache and I pray that passion never leaves.  It keeps me going. 
7.  I am exhausted and my brain is something simple for my last one...I am slightly obsessed with the twilight series.  Love. Love. Love those books!!  Oh wait - this was supposed to be something you didnt know about me???!!  Ha only joking (not about the obsessed part).   

If you want to know any more info on how you can join our memorable Lil Yuleoften Christmas' or anything else about my wonderful life feel free to email me Here :)

7 blogs that I want to honor...

Katie is a wonderful friend who is just beautiful inside and out.  She has miss Hallie, who will be 2 at the end of January and just had her 2nd baby girl on December 31st and named her Harper Grace!  She is so stinkin cute!  We love this family to pieces and dont get to see them often enough!!
Bethany is my dearest sister in law who more imporantly is such a wonderful friend.  She is a mommy to my beautiful niece Hopers and I just love our time together!! 
Courtney is a blog friend who is just simply adorable and so fun!  I love this girl!  Plus...we share the same wedding anniversary - yeah for winter weddings!!
Holly always seems to crack me up.  I cant wait to find out 7 things I might not know about her!!  ha!
Katie R
Katie has become so near and dear to my heart.  She lost her sweet baby Reese in August.  Reese is such a beautiful little girl who is loved and missed dearly & I know her and Emma are running around in heaven on the streets of gold.  I cannot wait to see both of their faces one day - praying for you always Katie! 
Destinee is a great friend who I have enjoyed getting to know more this past 2 years.  She is all for cooking...but please friends, dont confuse that with baking!  Ha - :) 

Love you girls - cant wait to read all about you!!   

Well I am going to bed...if you read this and want to also fill out the 7 things & award - go for it, I am too tired to think of someone else & elaborate anymore!!  Have fun!!!



  1. Thank you for the award, very sweet of you!
    And I met my husband when I was fifteen and we married young too. When you know you just know!

  2. Well then, you just call me out about being a bad baker.... hahaha its SO true hun! Thanks for the sweet words and I love you! See you next week hopefully...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!


  4. Ang, you're hysterical - I never would've guessed you liked twilight at all... next time I'm in MN, we are having a blog session, so I can learn how you do all these cute little things on your blog - I love reading it!!


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