Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey Stranger!

Hey Strangers!  I feel like I say this SO much - but I have been neglecting this blog.  It has been a crazy past couple weeks - many girls nights, church events, and a busy work schedule to name a few.  I promise in the weeks to come I will update more. 

The March for Babies walk was great on Sunday - well the weather wasn't but at least it didn't rain!!  We had a great turnout again this year and we raised over $1200 dollars!!!  I am so thrilled that we raised over our goal of $1000 - it is such a wonderful cause that is so important not only to us, but many who we have met throughout our journey of losing Emma.  Here are a couple pictures from the day - I didn't get many because I am a wimp in the cold - and our group picture was last minute and some had already left. 

Jenny, Nikki (my younger sister), Katie, and Justin 
 If you cant read this it says "One day every baby born will be..." and the next sign said "on time" but I got to chatting with someone and forgot to take that next picture!  Oops! 
Destinee and Tonya, Josh, Chad & Dave - and yes, that would be my husband making a weird face - he isn't into pictures while walking I guess!

Part of our group right before we all headed home - I just realized that I am covering Tonya - sorry Ton!  Not everyone who walked was here still - so add about 8 more and that was our team this year!  Thank you to all of you who supported us and walked in honor of Emma and anyone else who has lost a baby, or those who were born early and are doing well today, thanks to all of the work and research the March of Dimes does! 

Well I am off to bed - in my devotional tonight I read this verse -

My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.  Exodus 33:14

What a wonderful reminder. 


  1. Angie - I'm so sorry I didn't see you at the walk on Sunday. Congrats on raising over $1,200 - that is awesome. Can't wait to see you at our "June" dinner.

  2. That's awesome to raise that much money and it looks like you had a big group too! Glad you had such a great turnout!

  3. Hey Angie! Sorry it's been so long since I've come to visit your blog! So glad that your walk went so well and you were able to exceed your goal! It was neat to see your picture in this post too!

    Hope you're doing well!



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