Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 months

Kallen, you are 4 months old!  I am sure you I will say this every month but I just cannot believe how fast you are going!   

You are wearing size 3 diapers
You're wearing 6-12 months & 9 months clothes!  Big girl! 

You have started rolling to your side more and more.  Just this past weekend you have rolled over from your tummy to your back consistently (when you want to at least)

You have a smile that just melts me to pieces.  Oh heavens it is just the best thing to see.

In the past 2 weeks you have started sleeping through the night!  AMEN!  There are a few times that you wake up and just need your paci and a few other times when you need to eat, but then go right back down.  But for the most part, you are out!  Just awesome Kallen, just awesome.  You go down between 7:30-8 (you rarely make it past 8) and wake up between 5-6.  Now if momma can get to bed a little earlier we will be golden!

You take 2 - 45 minute naps a day (one in morning/one in afternoon).  I want to say what in the world to you sometimes but just doesnt seem right since you sleep so well at night.  Oh well, more play time right?  We are working on this but not really much progress as of yet so who knows.... 

I am so unbelievably grateful to be able to stay home with you.  I told daddy I would start subbing a couple days a week...but I just dont know how ill be able to leave you!  Shhhh dont tell him!

You are definitely a momma's girl still!  I kind of like you so I dont mind :)

I have mastered your bath's to your liking again!  Well I dont know if you necessarily like it, but I am able to keep you in there long enough to clean those pesty neck rolls you pull off so well :)

You figured out how to pull at your bibs and sometimes can get it off (you spit up & drool quite a bit so you frequently have one on) and now you think it is a game - because once you take it off you have this great big smile! 

You do not stop moving.  If your legs/feet arent moving/kicking your arms/hands are.  I have a feeling once you start wont stop!
You have really became the talkative one lately.  You also have this shriek that you do, you are quite the ham.

Daddy taught you how to scream about 2 weeks ago.  He screamed then you would, and it went on for quite a while.  Now you do it almost every morning (and throughout the day!).  This will make complete sense to those who know your daddy... :)  Ill have to get it on video, it is very funny! 
You love to be on your changing table.  You laugh on there and just love to hang out.
 Your hands are in your mouth all.the.time.  My goodness girl, if your paci isnt in, your hands are there or they are at least on their way!   

Happy 4 months baby girl!  We love watching you grow each and every day.  We love you so much!!!!!!!

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  1. Ang! This girl has the cutest outfits and blankets....she is too precious. So glad to hear she is sleeping through the night!


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