Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hopers came to play!

Hope came over to play this past Monday, we had so much fun & she was so great!
Kali & Hope watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together
Hope knows that at Gigi's (that is what Hopers calls me) she gets a cookie if she eats ALL of her lunch - and she did!  She was admiring the m&m's on it here!
Something I want to remember - we were playing & talking after her lunch and she said "hope love gigi" It was the sweetest thing, I promise there was no coaching - it was out of the blue and I really treasured it!  I love this little girl so incredible much!!
She wanted to watch "Beast" (Beauty & the Beast) before her nap...
She didnt last long...
Out within about 10 minutes!  She loves her stuffed animals, and even got a few of Kallens to join her. 
Uncle Josh came home & took Hopers outside for a few minutes

 We love when Hopers comes to play.  She is just a beautiful, smart, & fun little girl!  Bethany, we can keep her anytime!

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