Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 months

My oh my Kallen.  5 months old!
You are grabbing at everything!  Gone are the days to hold things in my other hand (such as my phone, remote, water bottle,  food, etc)

Kali you are one chatty kathy!  You just babble and talk (or scream) all the time!    

At your 4 month appointment you weighed 14 lbs 6 oz (50%ile) & 24 1/2 inches long (70%ile) 

You are in size 3 diapers and wearing 6 mos and 6-12 month clothing
You are in bed by 8 and were sleeping until about 5 am...but about a week or 2 before you were 5 months you started waking up a few times at night.  Sometimes you want to eat & others you just want your paci.  

Therefore...it was noted that you might be ready for cereal - so we started on Friday, your 5 month birthday (pictures to come)!  You ate some, but werent a huge fan but I hope it helps with the sleeping!  Momma is tired! 
 Since I wrote this you have come around to the cereal!  You need about 3-4 bites to remember what your eating and then you go to town!  

You can 'gorilla sit' pretty well before you fall over - you are not a fan of laying down!  

You LOVE your bumbo seat.  I think you enjoy being able to see all the action & what's going on.
 You have been grabbing my face alot - and pulling it to yours, it is so sweet. 

You are nursing every 3 hours throughout the day - and take about 4.5 oz when you have a bottle.  

Your laugh is just so sweet.  I love it! 

We finally put you in your crib this past weekend - and you did great!  I am not going to lie, I think it was more difficult for me :)  ha!  

When you get excited you open your mouth and cuddle into me - it is just the best.  I love it!  

You absolutely love being sung too.  I feel like I sing all day long to you!  Your favorite 'tune' to listen too right now is Rolling in the Deep ;)  ha!  You also love 'You are my sunshine', 'Baby Beluga', 'Jesus Loves me', & 'the more we get together'.  Yes, we sing alot around here!!

Kallen, you are such a sassy fun girl!  We love you so much & I wouldnt trade my days with you for anything.  I love how your personality shows more & more each day.  I love being your momma!!!!! 

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