Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Iowa weekend

This past weekend we headed to Iowa to see our best friends, the Evans family!!!!!!!!
We stayed up WAY to late, played our favorite games (and a couple new ones!) & just enjoyed talking and hanging out with our girls!  
Kal loved watching Hallie & Harper - we really had the best time.  We cant wait to get together again soon!!!!!!!

 Baby Einstein entertained ALL 3 girls for a solid 10 minutes.  Amazing! 

 The dad's & their girls.  Jon & Katie are pregnant with their 3rd baby and just found out on Monday it is a BOY!  We are so excited for them & cant wait! 

We cant wait to get together again soon!  Love you all!!!

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  1. glad you had SO much fun.... wow Kali looks like Josh in the first pic of all the girls, I almost didnt think it was her! Love you- D


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