Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11 months

Kallen, you are 11 months old!!  My oh my, 1 month away from your first birthday!!
You are in 12-18 month clothes, depending on the brand.  You wear size 5 in diapers
I think you weigh around 22 lbs?  We wont know until your 1st birthday though :)
You are walking!  On Thursday, November 3rd (for our records :), I turned around and you were walking towards me!  I was shocked!  You had taken a couple steps pretty consistently, but I guess I was thinking it would still be awhile.  You still crawl at times because you are quicker and I think you have your daddy's patience (aka barely any) but you can definitely strut your stuff.  Awesome!
 You still go down around 730, but have been waking up throughout the night.  I dont know if its those pesky chompers or night terror's (per your pediatrician), but it is something.  You dont want to eat you just need some extra cuddles or just to know momma & daddy are there.......I am trying to hunker down and be strong this week so you dont think thats normal....but at 3:30 am I have been known to throw any and all parenting 'rules' out the window... 

This is how I have found her a couple times lately in the past week.  Sweet thing.   I tell her all she has to do is sleep through the night......
Speaking of chompers, you have 4 teeth now (2 bottom/2 top)  I miss your gummy smile! 

You are eating cheerios/puffs for breakfast along with either yogurt/fruit.  You love bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, rice/beans,  pears, scrambled eggs, cheese, meat, and many more foods.  
 We have tried the sippy cup, and just this past week I think you figured out what/how to drink it, but you like to play with it more than drink out of it...

You talk so much!  You say momma, dada, oh, uh-oh, whoa, you have about 50 different tones too, you are quite the dramatic one at times
Speaking of dramatics, you have learned how to throw yourself down on the floor when you are mad/upset.  I dont know if that is normal for an 11 month old to throw a temper tantrum?  Yikes...  

You have mastered 'touchdown'  It also seems like you 'say' touchdown too - it is so cute!
You have become more cuddly with us than you used to be. Which we love of course.  When we say give ______ love or cuddles you usually rest your head on them and hug, it is so cute!

Kallen, we feel so blessed that you are our little girl!!  If we loved you anymore I think my heart might burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes yes, I am a week late on the post.  I am determined NOT to do that for her 1st birthday :)

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  1. She is just so beautiful and has the prettiest shaped little head! I can't believe she's almost one already! Time goes by way too fast!


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