Thursday, December 1, 2011

cookie day

my bfffffffff Tonya and I die over Christmas.  We love Jesus, Christmas trees,  Christmas music, all the decorations, family time, and ummm cookies.  We decided we need to get together when it is 'acceptable' to have a cookie day!  Ha ha ha!  So cookie day came about and it was  I cant wait for our many many years to come!  
Okay, our cookie day fun was really just for us, as Kalpal slept and the husbands played whatever new game that just came out that I am so sick of a video game. 
I am thankful that my obscene laughing face isnt shown here.... :)
 Miss Kal after her nap.  Did you notice all of her Laker gear?  Yeah, daddy is pretty happy the nba is coming back on Christmas day!  We are already arguing discussing her Christmas Day outfit. 
some of the cookies pre-frosted....there were so many!  
The little miss playing with Uncle Dave, she loves him!  
Kal wanted to get in on their family picture...

We have some other fun things planned with each other throughout the holiday season and I seriously cannot wait!  I LOVE having a bff (who became my cousin through marriage by the way, how cool is that?!) that shares in my obsession passion for Christmastime.  We were destined to be :)  Love you friend!  Thanks for a wonderful time as always!!

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