Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Story

Have you heard of The Story Tour?  (from their website) THE STORY, a musical journey from Genesis to Revelation. 

We went on Saturday to the matinee showing and it was undeniably, unbelievably, AMAZING!  
 We had great seats!  We were right to the side, but practically the front row! 
There were the best leaders and singers. 
 Um Selah?  Yes please!! 
 Natalie Grant!  Unbelievable! 
Steven Curtis Chapman, Newsboys, Francesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, Selah, Anthem Lights, and Rawsrvnt.  Need I say more? 
Here they are singing all together, gave me chills!
There are truly no words to explain how wonderful this show was.  I cannot say enough good things.  I laughed, cried, prayed, sang, you name it, it was probably done.  
Yesterday the hubs and I spent about an hour on itunes purchasing practically EVERY song from EVERY group/singer that was there that we didn't already have.  Including Christmas music of course!  One of my new favorite groups -Anthem Lights, 'Do you hear what I hear'?  AMAZING
I could go on and on. 
A huge thank you to our best friends for a wonderful afternoon spent together, and most importantly praising Jesus!!!!!!!!  It was such a perfect event to remind us of the TRUE meaning for Christmas! 


  1. This looks so fun and you look gorgeous in that picture!


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