Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend fun

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in Iowa with the Evans family!  I was cleared to travel after my appointment on Thursday so on Friday we headed out after work.  We got there late on Friday night and left on Sunday morning but it was so worth it!  Jon & Katie just bought a house & have done SO much with it and looks great!  Here are a few pictures from our fun & memorable weekend!! 

Josh & Jon are putting together a baby highchair that we got for miss Hallie - it turned out super cute!!
Harper decided that hanging out with the grownups is much more fun than sleeping so she cheered us on as we played Rook & Nertz on Saturday night! 

Isnt she the sweetest little thing?  She is such a doll! 
These are the only 2 pictures I got of Hallie - she is a fun & crazy girl - and all over!  We love those girls so much!!
Hallie playing with her baby & highchair!  Too cute!
They also got us a gift for our baby girl - Here is my favorite outfit - I love it!
It has little ears on the hood - I about died.  It is so cute!!!
We had such a great time - and we decided that we need to move closer!!!!  We cant wait to see all of you again!

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