Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love for the SOUTH

Oh my word.  So I think my love for the south might come out in this post...

But after a long day of work, only wanting to come home and relax and go to bed early...the one thing that perked me up (not to mention kept me up past 9:30)??

The CMA Music Festival!! 

Oh how I love Carrie, Brad, Blake, Tim, Miranda, Trace, Lady A, Keith, and I could just go on and on!!  Yes we are on a first name basis here!  They make me so happy and after completely singing along with ALL the songs and driving Josh nuts...well girls, my night has been made. 

Now if I could only convince the hubby to move to the South (with our friends/family) I would just be tickled (thats what all you southerner's say right??)!!  I would LOVE to go to this music festival one day!!  I think I need to start a bucket list just so I can put this on there!  Is that pathetic?  If so, just dont tell me because I am going to do it!!

Well I am going to finish the show - hope you were able to enjoy it as well!  Cant wait for the CMA Music Awards in November!  Another thing to look forward to this fall!

Goodnight & Bless your heart (tribute to my fellow Miranda fans!)!!


  1. I agree! I think I was born in the wrong part of the county, I feel like a souther girl at heart. Hope your week is going well!

  2. Haha!!! You're so funny :D I used to love watching all the country music shows, but I haven't watched them in a long time and am totally out of the loop now because my husband doesn't really like country music :(


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